A BEAR CALLED PANDA – A BEAR CALLED PANDA (Sausage Orphans Records / Hard Life Promotion)

Review by Stefan: This Belgian formation was formed after the demise of hardrockers Civilian. According to reports, there was a legal issue going on with an American namesake, hence the termination of the band. A life without making music they apparently didn’t like, the decision to create something new was quickly made, may I introduce you to A Bear Called Panda, consisting of 6 members including a male and female singer named Xin Di and Malu Malu (panda names, of course). The band itself claims that rock music is not threatened with extinction and they want to prove it on their self-titled debut album, loaded with 14 tracks.

The effort has nothing to do with metal, not in the far distance, let that be clear ! What you can expect is a mixture of 70s related rock music with sometimes a psychedelic twist, a portion of stoner rock also gets a place, hints of punk rock and industrially tinted heavy rock, bluesy elements and much more. To be honest, it was a quite uncomfortable experience for me to listen to all the songs. There’s no way this band can impress me, and I’m not saying that because they’re not sufficiently trained musically. I don’t care about all the genres covered here and then it’s hard to write a positive review, isn’t it? Whether you have a broad vision in the field of rock music has nothing to do with this, I don’t think. Certain subgenres in rock are not acceptable to me personally and by the way, expressing an opinion remains something democratic and is not always meant shit if you know what I mean.

With their debut album, ABCP releases what they are capable of, regardless of whether others think it’s good or bad. And I would like to share this attitude with the band, do what you like to do and don’t get carried away with the opinions of outsiders. Solid rock with multiple layer subgenres, stubborn and daring, probably a pleasure to listen at for some … due to my personal taste for other, more metal oriented music styles they didn’t convince me in the end !

I prefer not to give a score on this release which is not meant to be bad or ungrateful, I just don’t want to mislead people with a negative rating. Better to judge for yourself by checking out A Bear Called Panda at: https://www.facebook.com/ABearCalledPanda/