atorturedsoulcdcoveronthisevilnightReview by Stefan: By the grace of US Power Metal, here’s the fourth album of Milwaukee Wisconsin based quintet A Tortured Soul. I still remember that moment I received a message from my longtime friend/MTI co-editor/purebred US Metal fanatic named Officer Nice to check out this band. Still being grateful to my friend for the golden tip because ATS overwhelmed right from the very first moment I heard them. All about awesome US Power Metal as we like it the most of all. I’m not familiar with their debut “Tomorrow’s Door” (2005) but with regards to next albums “Kiss Of Thorn” (2007) and “Lucifer’s Fate”, I’m still very enthusiastic all the way out ! These guys’ dark way of USPM music satisfied me right on due to their convincing style of melodic powerplay.

Each album painted a good picture of musical progress, speaking for myself I was totally hooked on the band’s frontman Rick (Maya Khairallah) Black and its unique way of performing, akin to the vocal use of King Diamond mainly! During the lower vocal lines, cold shivers rolling down my backbone – when it comes to high pitched vocal delivery, I can not suppress my delight… what a fantastic, bone shilling singer bringing darkness in its purest form! I’d like to describe Rick as ‘one of a kind’, a gift from the Gods of US Power Metal ! The merits of ATS from this band come not only from him, be aware of the fact that also both axemen are top musicians, just like the drummer and bass fiddler in charge.

We are now six years removed from their previous effort and the time has come to spread the word of A Tortured Soul’s newest cut entitled “On This Evil Night”, a 10 song loaded shotgun firing nothing but awesome stuff towards everyone into US Power Metal. The band has three new comrades in arms recruited by the names of Brian Bolle (guitars), drum throne specialist Tommy (The Gunner) Lodwick and from now on, De Wayne Bolle places his fingers tightly around the bass guitar. Great news to announce, the almighty vocals of Rick Black and technical skills of original six string wizard Nate Gorenc are still present to deliver us one hell of a fiery feast on dark US Power Metal !

Lyrically, these guys are still fascinated by themes like horror, religion and eerie darkness so be on your guard. The sound quality of “On This Evil Night” is of good quality, about the cover artwork looks darker than the most darkest places in hell… this is what A Tortured Soul is all about people !

Musical directed, “On This Evil Night’ has nothing to do with the so called modern way of Metal music and thank God, I’m happy with that ! Many of you might consider this genre of music old-fashioned or outdated, well I don’t anywise. From where comes the roots regarding contemporary Metal? Think about it twice and revise your opinion. A Tortured Soul means all about US Classic heavy loaded Power Metal music in ts purest form. For more than 62 minutes all my US Metal longings shall be fulfilled with most sincerity. I have observed that the high pitched screamo’s are less numerous but the throat of Rick Black still fascinates me a lot. This guy’s multiple octave way of singing is able to let my inner feeling repeatedly change in a very short time. Rick Black breathes total darkness and evil at any time. The twin guitar actions are so beautiful this time, incredible really ! Hearing both guitarists dueling all the time, I think back on the glorious days of Judas Priest’s historical riff/solo suppliers Downing/Tipton or Mercyful Fate’s Shermann/Denner legendary twin guitar tactics. Technical to the core and full melodic laden actions, I’m speechless.

A Tortured Soul’s new album “On This Evil Night” is harder, most sophisticated, even darker than before… there’s even room for Thrash Metal vibes as well. US Thrash Metal addicts are recommended to check out the title track as well as some others like ‘Waiting For Death’ and ‘Smoke’… let’s make a stand and obey folks ! For most of the other compositions I’d like to describe as a good mixture of Mercyful Fate’s “Melissa” album, “Sad Wings Of Destiny” record by Judas Priest, Powerlord’s “The Awakening”, “The Impaler” by Wülfhook, Heathendom’s “Nescience” and “The Invocation” by Attic. Total darkness reigns across the entire runtime of “On This Evil Night”, fanciers of old school Heavy/Power/Thrash/Doom Metal may immediately proceed to purchase this VERY strong effort, actually best album by A Tortured Soul up to date ! Order at: http://www.puresteel-records.com/releases/view/460/On_This_Evil_Night
Additional band information via: https://www.facebook.com/ATorturedSoul/ / https://www.reverbnation.com/atorturedsoul

My rating: 97/100 (95+ : Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !)