Review by Stefan: Ready to swallow some good old fashioned Symphony Black / Death Metal down your throat? Stay and read my words on the new album entitled “Our Bleeding Sun” from Spanish based quartet AbsentiA. Formed in 2004 by singer / guitarist Julian Diaz and keyboardist David Barrientos – both brothers were hooked on Black Metal in the beginning, they even shared this form of music while playing in a band. Still searching for a real musical identity, finally they found a sound they were looking for. The name AbsentiA was born, created a debut album called “Heaven Still Burns” in 2009 and hit the road as support for The Haunted and Forever It Shall Be on their Spanish Tour! More acts AbsentiA played with are Brainstorm, Avulsed, Darksun, Sound Of Silence and more!

I’m not a natural born Death or Black Metal maniac, not even close actually but this band’s new album “Our Bleeding Sun” has quite a lot to offer. I have to be honest about that! I hear great compositions featuring outstanding guitars giving me many moments of pleasure. All those melodic riffs and beautiful solo works are tremendous. The symphonic Death / Black Metal feel always lurks from behind and actually doesn’t bother me for one single moment. Due to I’m not a worshipper of bands like Dimmu Borgir, Sheitan, Dissection, Immortal, Cradle Of Filth and stuff, AbsentiA knows how to keep my attention optimal. This band is able to play a perfect combination of very extreme parts alternating with nice melodic and especially highly appreciating, technical guitar moves. I hear moments of honest melancholy those flirting with dark moments and other some kind of emotional soundscapes… it all works out contagious to me. Songs like ‘The End Of The Line’, ‘Portrait Of A Soul’ illustrates what I mean about that.

Honestly spoken, I definitely don’t consider myself as a specialist in extreme Metal music but I goddamn know what good worked out songs (no matter the style of music) offered by well skilled players are all about.  As for AbsentiA, there is no doubt possible they’re really good in what they deliver to the Symphonic Death / Black Metal community. They’re maybe an unknown band for some of you out there but forget a bout that, AbsentiA is that strong enough they can compete with other so called Top acts within this type of Metal music. Worth to check out, do it at: https://myspace.com/absentiaasturias Order at: http://www.malevolence-records.us/Store.php 

My rating: 86/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)