acangrycdcoverappetiteforerectionReview by Sloof: AC Angry started as Taletellers but changed their name around 2011. The year that followed welcomed the ‘Booze Horse’ EP and in 2013, it was time for the “Black Denim” full length debut album. Saarbrücken, Germany was the territory were the band spread their message that contains most of the time a humoristic twist in the lyrics (‘It’s Good To Be Bad’, ‘You Got Thirst I Got The Booze’). All very simple, so does the music, and I guess that the members of AC Angry agreed to never change a winning team. Their Rock’n Roll attitude is still present and with a good dose of desert riff grooves and a touch of late Turbonegro, they are ready to present their latest album “Appetite For Erection”. Guns’N Roses never dared to go all that way and it’s a little comparable with the Lordi albums as they have ambiguous titles as well: “To Beast Or Not To Beast”, “Deadache”, “Scare Force One” and “It Snows In Hell”.

AC Angry plays Sleazy Hard Rock, a kind of AC/DC in light modus, or ‘Airbourne less structural’ with the chorus lines of Volbeat. Perhaps, their fans will adore the lyrics, but I have a kind of bad taste in my mouth when I go throughout the booklet. In a way, it’s a kind of retrospect of the band itself as they sing in opener ‘I Hate AC Angry’: They make my asshole bleed, gotta write a bad review, they never will succeed. I wish that they were dead, their lyrics are so bad. Honestly? Their self-esteem and dignity is rather poor if you listen to these songs.

Check the title track and see the front cover artwork and you will agree that this band isn’t a moment serious or mature. ‘Appetite For Erection’ could be a well-fitting title for an adult movie where XXX stars are begging for the ‘Son of a Motherfucker’s Son’, but I’m not sure that music fans have the same demands and expectations. The vocals of Alan Costa are suitable to the music, and the lead guitars of Stefan Kuhn is in balance with the bass of Dennis Kirsch and drums of Sascha Waack, but I do miss that little extra that lifts a song to higher grounds.

If you don’t care about childish lyrics and simple melodies you might be having fun with ‘Appetite For Erection’, but if you prefer your music and songs with a higher dose of maturity, and music with a more difficult edge, you will reject AC Angry. Perhaps, we are all acidified with the world we live in, and perhaps it’s better to have a good portion of fun and stupidity to make live worth living, well in that case AC Angry might be the cure to bring a smile on your face.

It all depends on which mood you are in, so let’s end with a positive note: love it or leave it, and life is already too serious and political incorrect, so this album might be your ‘nice to have’ release at the end of the year! People that are living in Belgium can compare it with the ‘fuck you’ attitude or our local heroes Fleddy Melculy who like to add a good portion of Rock with humoristic lyrics. It all depends on your own point of view! Additional information via:

My rating: 79/100 (Decent but best previewing)