ADAMANTIS – FAR FLUNG REALM (Cruz Del Sur Music / Soulfood)

Review by Stefan

Brighton, Massachusetts quintet Adamantis was formed in 2016 when drummer Evgeny Gromovoy and guitarist Javier Estrada moved to Boston for work. Shortly after, both came in touch with second axeman Jeff Taft and former vocalist Ashley Caval via an internet post calling for musicians sharing similar influences to start a band.

In 2018, the band give birth to a first official effort, the EP “Thundermark”. Adamantis played across the New England regions and the comments afterwards were very positive. But singer Caval and original bassist Liz Cleary called it quits, the rest of the band went on as a trio working on new material.

The core was strengthened by a new bassist Cody Pelchat as well as a replacement for frontman Caval was found by the name of Jeff Stark. With full force new songs were written, intent on releasing a full-length album. So at some point there were 11 songs ready to be recorded, Christian “Moschus” Moos (Spacelab Mixing) was hired to provide the album with a solid production, he was also in charge for the mastering and mixing process.

October 23th. 2020 Adamantis’ new effort “Far Flung Realm” saw daylight as a self-financed product. We all know that it is not easy to release an album on your own, there is always a risk involved. But these American guys has gotten the recognition for its hard work courtesy of Italian label Cruz Del Sur who are providing the album with a re-release which has now been achieved, “Far Flung Realm” is available on both CD and vinyl.

I have since listened to all the songs several times with great attention and am blazingly pleased with the end result. “Far Flung Realm” tackles a wide range of themes such as fantasy, battles, sword and sorcery, history,… in other words, the album has an overtly epic character. Traditional/Power and Epic Metal are reunited in a beautiful way and the result is very good. It is immediately apparent that this is not a band that functions solely on good luck. Every song oozes class and they can be sure that with an album of this caliber, the future may look better than they might have hoped for themselves. Fact is that “FFR” has a clear European minded sound, but I’m very pleased to mention fans of US Power Metal better watch out for the effort as well.

The album is accessible to a wide audience, that much is clear and plays to the band’s advantage. Released by a respectable label that is knowledgeable when it comes to Power Metal, as far as I’m concerned Adamantis is on a roll and it certainly won’t stay with this one album. Listening carefully to the technical skills of everyone in the band, I come to the conclusion that the level reach out for the sky. Decisive for me are both guitarists and of course the unique voice of Jeff Stark but also a lot of appreciation for the rest of the band.  FYI: former Dark Moor (Spanish Power Metal) vocalist Elisa C. Martin makes her appearance in one of the songs.

“Far Flung Realm” offers melodic and technically powerful songs that left a very good impression on me. Adamantis belongs to the category of so called NWOTHM bands where there has been frequent competition in recent years. Personally, I think these Americans have made a difference from the rest because of their musical spontaneity and varying nature of songwriting. Fans of good ol’ Blind Guardian/Helloween, Edguy, Kamelot, Firewind, Dream Evil and stuff should not hesitate to go and listen to this band more closely.

I enjoyed and heard a strong formation with potential value, the future for Adamantis looks very promising… a success story seems to me to be in the making ! More info at:  /

My rating: 88/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)