AERODYNE – DAMNATION (Rock Of Angels Records)

Review by Stefan: This Swedish quintet proves that traditional Heavy Metal isn’t dead and buried yet. From their home base Gothenburg they have just released their second album “Damnation” in a very excellent way.

Aerodyne was founded in 2016 and shortly afterwards they were noticed by Street Symphony Records who offered the band a contract with a view to releasing their debut album “Breaking Free” (2017). It was a real success because after only three weeks the stock was sold out! During the many performances they delivered, the fans were very enthusiastic and the countless positive reviews said that Aerodyne made a very good impression.

This young aged band was seen as a fresh wind blowing through the landscape of old school Heavy Metal, played with a lot of energy and passion. A successor to their debut album could not be avoided and they immediately worked on writing new songs, the second album would be called “Damnation”, released through Rock Of Angels Records. Available as from the 18th. of October as jewel case CD and orange/black marbled vinyl, Aerodyne seem mature enough to keep this old type of metal music up and running, be sure that listening to their newest piece “Damnation” will take you back to memory lane. Pure nostalgia to me, a real pleasure to listen at.

The production (mixed and mastered by King Diamond’s Andy LaRocque) is sublime and there are 10 songs in the queue that will convince you with flying colors. The clear vocals and the witty guitar riffs are central throughout the entire playing time. Excellent Heavy Metal of course also requires flammable solos and these are offered to you as if it were a simple trick… based on that, I almost get blown over when I notice that everything turns out as it should. I also have a very good feeling about the finish and the good musical connection of drums and bass lines… the perfection beckons up close !

Some of the songs bring a driving force with them, in accordance with the necessary melody I am treated to a pleasant listening session. Having a blast during the full fletched old fashioned Heavy Metal works but Aerodyne is even able to drive me completely mad when they make the turnaround from Heavy to Speed Metal, a fact in which they also follow a flawless course. On top of that there are also a couple of tracks having a solid portion of NWOBHM on board and I can only be happy with that.

All these words of praise are justified and come straight from my heart. In the last few years we have been overwhelmed by bands that pay some kind of an ode to 80s Metal but unfortunately, only a few of them get absolute approval from me. You always get respect and appreciation for all effort delivered to bring out an album but for those who want to get an qualified report you have to prove yourself for the better. Aerodyne meets these requirements and has convinced me of their musical ability and excellent vision about the real definition of old school metal.

“Damnation” is extremely suitable for fans of old Maiden-Priest-Saxon, The Rods, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Skull Fist, Stryker, Tokyo Blade, Enforcer, Visigoth, Angel Witch, Riot City amongst others. They may not have experienced the 80’s Metal scene themselves, still my appreciation goes up when you can release an album with so much elegance. Energetic, melodic and loaded with technical skills, a complete must-have ! Additional info at:  /

My rating: 87/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)