Review by bert VD Abeele & Stefan: The Greek Afterimage is releasing their brand new, full length effort called “Traveler In Crystal Visions” through heavy metal specialists Steel Gallery Records, sub division of Arkeyn Steel Records, you know the place where US Metal Still Reigns Supreme !

Musically Afterimage sounds okay, a bit slow and lamenting, but we can look past that. The vocals may seem peculiar to some people, as far as I’m concerned (Stefan) the vocals are original and allow me to enjoy. FYI: Afterimage’s frontman does reminds me of David Taylor, first singer in US Metal act Jacobs Dream.

Afterimage distances itself from many others and this in the first place for their original character. Their style of music has nothing to do with the modern style of heavy metal tradition. It has to be said that the Greek metal scene is not to be underestimated, there are enough strong bands who express this country with great appreciation. In my (Stefan) opinion we have to deal with an old fashioned type of heavy metal act, originaiting in Europe those who reflects the identity of a worthy US Metal band

Still, the production is quite good and I´m certain some people will like this album, not me, however. The melodic heavy metal is a bit in the style of Fifth Angel and old Dokken, so there will definitely be fans (you might even grow to enjoy the vocals but that’s a personal matter).

Afterimage has accomplished their task, although some will have a different thought about this. As mentioned before,  everything depends on personal preferences.If you like your metal pure and original, don’s hesitate to order – otherwise we advise to check before bying this product (tip: listen to more than one song). Order HERE. Check Steel Gallery Records at:

Bert’s rating: 67/100 (Rather moderate) / Stef’s score: 84/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)