AGAZEcdcoverBDSMReview by Sloof: A kind of misleading front cover is staring at me. Is Agaze a Thrash Metal act? Why is there a face ‘shouting out loud’, which indicates that something terrible just happened? Or is it just a link to the album title “Bullshit Drama Social Media”, where people exaggerate every action that they do? Well, let’s find out and give this new band a good listen!

Agaze started around 2010 and didn’t hesitate to release a few singles and videos, until the first lineup changes occurred. Everything went really fast and smooth and vocalist Zeb decided to plan a charity event to benefit the fight for cancer, and logically Agaze where headliner that evening. Airplay on Swedish national radio begun and the band contributed a track on the compilation album of Swedish ‘Close Up Magazine’.

Agaze was eagerly waiting to switch into higher gear, so they teamed up with producer Jakob Herrmann (Raised Fist and Machine Head amongst others) and entered the Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg. Mastering took place at Fascination Street Studios where Tony Lindgren (Opeth, Soilwork, Amon Amarth, Dyscordia) took place behind the desk. This final result is what I’m listening to right now and I must confess that the Heavy Rock sounds great. Fans of Rob Zombie, Hardcore Superstar and Avenged Sevenfold might have a new band to keep their eyes on! From the very first start, we hear a pompous sound and a band that wants to deliver high quality Rock songs. It’s a harder version of Therapy?, so this band will appeal a lot of Rock fans! The next song is ‘My Progeny’, which continues in the same spirit and the track ‘Adrenaline’ speaks for itself. A huge boost of energy will come your way! When ‘Without You’ opens, you might suggest a ballad, but that isn’t right as this song has balls as well. No mellow or weeping ingredients, just Rock ‘till you drop. All musicians of Agaze are well skilled and I’m sure that they are convincing on a stage.

This album is a very nice product to listen to when you are driving in your car and want to hear some entertaining music, but people that want more aggression or Metal in the overall sound better skip to other releases. Like said before, Agaze is very well skilled, has the passion to write nice and powerful songs, and that makes them interesting! Above the average, and very promising, there are worse words to describe a debut album! Order at:

My rating: 82/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)