Review by Nathan McLeod: Give some ‘love’ back to the “NYHC”-metal scene with ‘Agnostic Front’s – Live At CBGB’ DVD! Filmed & recorded at ‘New York’s’ legendary ‘CBGB’s’ (circa 1973-2006), ‘Agnostic Front’s’ November 2004 performance is ‘nicely’ captured on this ‘2-disc’ ‘DVD/CD’ set. Having purchased this ‘Agnostic Front’ DVD release in 2006, watching it, listening to the CD, was immediately transformed into a state of ‘perpetual’ ‘deja-vu’ of ‘Agnostic Front’s’ late-80’s release of ‘Live At CBGB’s’, mixed in with the ‘memories’ of the ‘D.R.I./Possessed’ gig at ‘The Farm SF’ & ‘Slayer’s – Reign In Blood’ at the ‘Stone SF’ 20yrs earlier with the same ‘intense’ ‘brutality & violence’!!! GOOD OLD DAYS!

Viewers will ‘avidly’ see not even a quarter way into ‘Live At CBGB’ with ‘Victim In Pain’ with ‘Agnostic Front’ & crowd alike already “explosive” to not even halfway in to with ‘Crucified’, the “explosive”-ness ‘increases’ 10-fold. Up to this point it’s really ‘difficult’ making out who’s ‘Agnostic Front’, ‘fans’, ‘CBGB staff’, ‘patrons’ stage right & left / behind ‘Steve Gallo’s’ drum kit with the ‘massive’ amount of ‘bodies’ continually on stage, or ‘what’ stage for that matter? Sure, I doubt what was captured ‘live’ here in 2004 compares to the 1984 ‘CBGB’s’ ‘NYHC’-metal scene in terms of ‘brutal’ ‘intensity’ ‘fist-fighting’ pits, but WTF, the 1984 days of “any” metal scene are not that of 2004, & even ‘much’ less of that of last year. Time(s) change.

Just as you think ‘Live At CBGB’ ‘climaxes’ at ‘Crucified’, you get hit quite hard with ‘another’ wave of ‘Agnostic Front’ frenzy back up to ‘Friend Or Foe’ thru the very end with ‘Agnostic Front’s’ finale of: ANTHEM! As if ‘Agnostic Front’ & the ‘crowd’ themselves were just warming up up to ‘Crucified’, a ‘knuckle sandwich’ taste of what’s just becoming, as you are ‘undoubtedly’ cracked with two or more at the end of the DVD.

‘Agnostic Front’s’ ‘Mike Gallo’ on bass has always stood out with his ‘frontman’-style & type of bass playing, perfectly ‘paired’ with the ‘in-your-face’ frontman of ‘Roger Miret’, adding in the almost perfect ‘poise’ of guitarist ‘Vinnie Stigma’. Audio-wise the DVD provides ‘excellency’. Can hear ‘every’ aspect as far as audio is concerned. Video-wise offers a wide range of (I forgot count) of ?12-15? different video shots & angles. A little bit too much ‘constant’ change-up with the ‘enormous’ amounts of different angles that were shot filming ‘Live At CBGB’. It will either leave you head spinning a bit & or a bit ‘dizzy’. May have been the ‘intention’? Superb ‘close-ups’ of south paw drummer ‘Steve Gallo’. Video footage lacks A LOT with shots of guitarist ‘Lenny Di Scalfani’. Would have also been nice seeing ‘more’ back stage camera footage ‘directed & concentrated’ on the crowd in the pit themselves, as there are very few thru out ‘Live At CBGB’. A bit too much camera ‘concentration’ on ‘Agnostic Front’ stage ‘Front’.

The ‘commentaries’ of “Behind The Voice” documentary, “Vinnie’s Nail” interview with ‘Vinnie Stigma’, & the “Photo Gallery” are perfectly timed at just over 20mins in length. ‘Not too long, not too short’, not ‘boring’, & ‘informative’. There’s an ‘astronomical’ amount of ‘Agnostic Front’ YouTube footage, including ‘Live At CBGB’.

In a June 8th, 2015 ‘interview’ with vocalist/bassist ‘Gary Meskil’ of ‘PRO-PAIN’, I’d asked ‘Gary’ the following Q&A regarding a ‘Live/DVD’:

Q: Once PRO-PAIN embarks on supporting the release of Voice Of Rebellion in 2015 & beyond, their any plans on releasing a “Live/DVD” during the Voice Of Rebellion tour?

A: It’s a great idea, but it can be difficult to get a budget for such a project considering that the DVD market for music has been decimated via Youtube and other free online music video sources. Having said that, I do think it’s important to have such products in our catalog. First things first, I suppose. 

This being said, if YOU ARE an ‘Agnostic Front’ fan, a fan of the ‘NYHC’-metal scene, & or just a ‘fan’ of something or someone in general? “BUY THE FUCKING DVD”! ‘Support the band(s), support the scene, support the cause’ by NOT ripping them off via downloading material from places like “YOUTUBE”!!!

My rating: 88/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)

 ‘Agnostic Front’ is:

*Roger Miret: Vocals

*Vinnie Stigma: Guitar

*Mike Gallo: Bass

*Lenny Di Scalfani: Guitar

*Steve Gallo: Drums

‘Live At CBGB’ DVD track info:

1) Eliminator, 2) New Jack, 3) Victim In Pain, 4) Your Mistake, 5) Blind Justice, 6) Last Warning, 7) Strength, 8) Crucified, 9) All Is Not Forgotten, 10) Peace, 11) One Voice, 12) Over The Edge, 13) Friend Or Foe, 14) Gotta Go, 15) Riot Riot Upstart, 16) Police State, 17) Undertow, 18) Public Assistance, 19) Anthem … Bonus Tracks (CD Only): 20) So Pure To Me, 21) Take Me Back; total run-time 77:00, CD 55:00.

Directed by Ian McFarland & Anthony Moreschi. Produced by Ian McFarland & Killswitch Productions. Edited by Live At CBGB’s Shoot & Ian McFarland. Behind The Voice by Anthony Moreschi.

Agnostic Front info: