ALBERTBELLSSACROcdcoverAAReview by Sloof: Albert Bell hails from Malta and played in several bands in the past. Some of you might know Kremation, Vandals, Nomad Son or Forsaken where he was the main man on guitars, vocals and bass. Albert prefers the Doom Metal style and started another project called Sacro Sanctus who released a debut album in 2014 as ‘Deus Volt’. Stories about the Middle Ages, about knights, crusaders and history in general add a lot of value to the music, and this second album is taking you many steps further. This isn’t a simple album about a knight or a dragon as it’s a masterpiece about Holy wars and Templars, about the Vatican and the French monarchy, just to name a few elements. This is a very special album, an album that will take time to listen to, but also to read throughout the lyrics, liner notes and additional information that is given in the booklet. If you have some time left, I advise you to check the wonderful artwork that companies this release. You can choose from many different front cover artworks as there is a separate booklet with 4 different paintings. All of them are really wonderful and have a wink to the lyrical themes on this album. Masterly and with a lot of attention for details, which we like to encourage and stimulate!

Blackened Heavy Doom Metal that’s what Albert Bell’s Sacro Sanctus is all about and with this new output he wants to create a masterpiece that builds a bridge to his next album that will be released when the time is right. The whole story of the Templars that want to expand the Christian realm, helping to push Christendom further. In their battles they encountered many enemies like the great Muslim sultan Suleiman at the horns of Hattin in 1187. While seeking glory for God through the might of their sword, they all fought for glory and these pure of heart are celebrated in the track ‘Ad Aeternum’. It’s a meander through diverse sounds and mindscapes and gives you a perfect introduction of what will follow. The story about Jerusalem remaining in Christian hands and those that were ready to lay down their lives for Christendom is the main topic in ‘Terra Santa’. Originally, it was meant to become the last song on the debut album ‘Deus Volt’ but for some reason Albert decided that it would fit better on the successor “Ad Aeternum”, which I fully agree!

My personal favorite song is ‘Ferra Santa’ which has a very lingering chorus line, but at the same time I need to underline that all songs on “Ad Aeternum” have an own sound and identity. I’m sure that this album is going to spin a lot of times in the near future and my personal favorite tracks might change once you dig deeper into the material. As there is a lot to discover, I believe that +10 spins is the absolute minimum to discover all the beauty that is inside! Order at:!/Albert-Bells-SACRO-SANCTUS-“Ad-Aeternum”-CD/p/65493587/category=2707104 Albert Bell’s Sacro Sanctus Facebook:

My rating: 88/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on)