Review by Jason Houston: SHOCK ROCK KING: Alice Cooper returns in 2017 with a new Studio album titled:  Paranormal and man on this latest studio effort Alice has not missed a beat!  Let me start off by making you aware that there are two different versions of this album. There’s a more economical version if you will where you get just the latest 10 track CD or you could by the Deluxe version for a few dollars more like I did.

And you’ll also get a bonus disc that features 2 new studio recordings that were recorded specifically for this new CD and features the surviving members of the original Alice Cooper Group which of course in addition to Alice himself includes: Guitarist: Michael Bruce, and Steve Hunter, Drummer:  Neil Smith, and Bassist: Dennis Dunnaway.

In addition to these 2 new tracks the bonus disc also features 8 live tracks of CLASSIC ALICE COOPER songs that were recorded at a Concert in Columbus, Ohio on 5/6, 2016 and I guarantee you if you’re an ALICE COOPER fan even though you’ve heard these CLASSIC tunes countless times on the radio that these 8 live tracks are worth giving a listen to! Not only will you be reminded of the HIGE talent that is ALICE COOPER but you’ll be reminded of just how many hit songs Alice has given the world throughout the years!  What a great Songwriter Alice Cooper is!

I think what makes this like any other ALICE COOPER album such a MUST LISTEN/Must Have is the fact that the Legendary: Bob Ezrin was once again in the Producer’s Chair.  Ezrin has been with Alice since the very beginning and they have a really great Chemistry together and that is really quite clear on this latest album! Bob Ezrin is so much more that just a Producer!  he’s an actual Musician, He also had a huge role in the song writing as well here!

I would say that this latest offering reminds me of a Modern Day THRASH. That’s not to say that this is an album loaded with POP tunes but that if you’re an ALICE COOPER fan or ever have been that there’ll be something on this album that will appeal to any AC fan! I also dare say that if anyone who has never heard an Alice Cooper song before picks up this CD they’ll be an INSTANT fan! Best part of all when talking about this CD is the fact that if you choose to get the deluxe version like I did I feel that Alice Cooper fans will really be getting their money’s worth and if that’s not enough for the average Cooper fan let me end with just saying ALL KILLER, NO FILLER!

Now I’d like to discuss three of the songs on this CD and give you my thoughts on them…

“Genuine American Girl” – This is one of the 2 new tracks that features the members of the original Alice Cooper band and I’d say it’s one of my favorite tracks on the new CD for the simple fact that it has that real 70’s vibe that Alice had on songs like “Be My Lover” “School’s Out”.  Has a bit of poppy/commercial radio feel to it, just some good-time fun Classic Rock Music which is something that you can never go wrong with!

“Rats” – A real down and dirty street vibe on this one that will get any Rocker to put their fist in the air in the name of Rock N Roll.  Another great track with that CLASSIC Alice Cooper vibe.  This is a song that I really feel will like so many other Cooper songs stand the test of time.  Another great song that could have been written in the 70’s or 80’s and yet it some how manages to somehow sound very modern and not dated.

“Dynamite Road” – Another Classic sounding Alice Cooper tracks that is packed with great hooks and melodies, love the lyrics on this song which has always been the case whenever I listen to any Alice Cooper song because I’ve always felt that Alice Cooper is a great Songwriter, always takes the listener on a musical journey, a great story teller and that’s what makes for a great Classic tune and I’ve always loved the Lyrics that Cooper writes and this song and entire album is no exception there!

Track Listing For CD1: 1. Paranormal   2. Dead Flies   3. Fireball   4. Paranoiac Personality   5. Fallen In Love  6. Dynamite Road   7. Private Public Breakdown   8. Holy Water   9. Rats   10. The Sound Of A

Track Listing For CD2: 1. Genuine American Girl   2. You And All Of Your Friends (Live In Columbus, Ohio 5/6, 2016)

1. No More MR. Nice Guy   2. Under My Wheels   3. Billion Dollar Babies   4. Feed My Frankenstein   5. Only Women Bleed  6. Schools Out

My rating: 100/100 (Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !)