Review by Officer Nice: We have been talking about these guys before, heading from the beautiful Italy. It has been a long time ago I have been there. It remains an amazing land, with wonderful views, a rich cultural past and history, good food but to be honest the people aren’t always that friendly. Once you know the Italians they are friendly but with tourists they keep a distance and a smile often stays behind.

Metal wise Italy has never been an important country as well. In the Eighties Italy had the same charisma as Iran or Liechtenstein today, Death SS and Bulldozer were the most and only memorable bands I remember. Since the end of the nineties times changed and some goodies came from out there. We’re talking about nice bands like Rhapsody, Doomsword and Lacuna Coil.

Alltheniko might not be the most important or famous band but this trio delivers us Metal since 2002. Ever since they released five albums and they appeared on a tribute album for the mighty Omen as well. Honoring a formation like Omen must declare a lot, so yes, this is a true Metal band. Influenced by the Eighties Metal scène, especially the German Metal movement, Alltheniko delivers their sixth effort. Fans of Grave Digger, Rage, Blind Guardian, Accept and lots of other bands from Merkel’s country should really give this band a try. Alltheniko might even a bit harder and Thrashier than the bands I have just mentioned. Especially Rage crossed my mind, although the Germans might be stronger in their song writing. Nevertheless Alltheniko brings us some good stuff, worth checking out if you like this kind of Teutonic Metal.

These guys have a great guitar player, delivering screaming and fast fingered leads. The vocals are a bit Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) in a blender with Peter Wagner (Rage) and are probably the main reasons why both bands crossed my mind at once. But believe me if I say that these vocals are pretty good and are giving Alltheniko something attractive. Hard hitting drums, heavy loaded guitars, screaming leads, good vocals and especially three men who are standing tall if we talk about Metal! Check:

My rating: 78/100  (Decent but best previewing)