ALPHA TIGER – ALPHA TIGER (SPV/Steamhammer Records)

Review by Patrick Meuris: Alpha Tiger makes me afraid very afraid…. Reason is that whenever I got confronted with their earlier works I would only hope that the source of this power metal nightmare would dissolve by itself ASAP…. Hence one can understand my surprise finding this latest release in my mailbox and a request to review for the chief metal editor of MTI…..

So here we go….

First surprise… looks like Michael Kiske has a son called Benjamin Jaino and he sings with Alpha Tiger.

Second surprise, Alpha Tiger have discovered the sound of a Hammond organ, with which they almost fooled me in making me belief that the info sheet stating that there is a 70 influence creeping in the band’s sound…. was correct.

However I am not buying it, yes the Hammond is there but often it’s only there as sort of sound filler. So I am not really impressed… But don’t get me wrong,  Alfa Tiger’s self-titled album does show a band  which  is developing into something more then then  the umpteenth  power metal band with a Helloween clone as a singer. A song like “Aurore” shows that the band could be appealing to a more adult classic rock oriented audience but – and that‘s a shame- at the same time Alpha Tiger throw that ambition immediately out of the window with stinkers like “To Wear A Crown” and “Vice “with the ridiculous get the fuck out of my way sing a long chorus at the end….

Overall there is too much mediocrity versus outstanding song writing skills on this album and there is not a mariachi intermezzo in the world that can change this…

My rating: 60/100 (Rather moderate)