Review by Stefan: I have always been interested in new acts and since the founding of Metal To Infinity webzine I came in touch with uncountable bands who made their appearance in the world of metal music. Some of the newcomers immediately appealed to me while others only reached the average with difficulty, now decades later on it is still like that… only the strong survive. As we speak, I’d like to spread the word of an unknown band to me from Greece called AlphaState, formed back in April 2014. Consisting of four members, they mainly bring a proper mixture of power and heavy metal music the old fashioned way !

The cover artwork looks fabulous and the sound quality is reach a level far above the average. I drop the silver disc into the charger of my CD player and the index indicates that there are ten songs ready to go, I don’t know what to expect and start my first listen. First one ‘Out Of The Black’ can be defined as the introduction to their style and this song does not leave me standing in the cold, on the contrary. It is a composition that reminds me of the good old days, I mean the late 80s – early 90s heavy/power metal scene. The vocals come to my ears like a mixture of Messiah Marcolin (ex-Candlemass), Tomas Kalnoky (Catch 22) and, in some way, Bruce Dickinson during the higher vocal lines. Make also notice of the fact that the song writing is quite simple, still very good. Towards the end a speed acceleration is set up which I really like … Alphastate know how to embrace my advantaged heart of metal !

The second song ‘The Last Day’ is in the same line, played tightly with a cutting riffage and associated solo’s. More melodic minded passages on ‘Don’t Look Back’, feels kinda refreshing but the old school vibe still remain present. ‘Before The Soul Departs’ feels like an homage to the band’s classic heavy metal heroes which feels like coming home again to me. Next ‘Great Divide’ can be considered as one of my own favourite tracks. The riffs are dragging and thrashing in the vein of Meliah Rage’s ‘D.I.E.’ or Exodus’ ‘Deliver Us To Evil’ and the vocals suit very well. The first two minutes of ‘World’s Control’ let me think to have a deal with a ballad with excellent vocal service, but the true power/heavy metal nature of the band returns and make this song a second highlight in my opinion. Last track, the instrumental ‘The End?’ is preceded by two beautiful pieces entitled ‘Only Change’ and ‘The System’, metal masterpieces these really are !

I have never underestimated the Greek metal scene, with a band like AlphaState it is once again proven that they have interesting, strong bands on the menu ! Pleasure and dignity was on my side listening to their debut “Out Of The Black”, last year AlphaState released a second effort entitled “The Grind” and I will write down my thought on this one as well. Fans of traditional heavy/power metal spiced with thrashing elements better check out the band at:

My rating: 85/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)