ALPHASTATE – THE GRIND (Sliptrick Records)

Review by Stefan: Earlier this week I penned down my thoughts on their first album “Out Of The Black”, at the end of the review I came up with a very favorable advice so it was a great honor to also mark their successor with a review. Alphastate’s second piece “The Grind” saw daylight in 2018, this time released through Sliptrick Records.

After a few listening sessions it was my job to make a comparison between both albums in the first place and I came to the following conclusion. On the debut the band was still looking for their true nature to me, different genres were bundled into a pleasant whole ranging from classic heavy metal to power and thrash metal, old school inspired. About their latest work “The Grind”, I have convinced myself that considerable progress has been made. Their first album appealed to me well, but the newest is one step ahead… one of my favorite metal albums at the moment !

Outwardly these Greek lads have now chosen a more targeted style, power metal ! I am very pleased that they don’t play the kind of power metal as we know it from the contemporary scene which is too fashioned-too modern-too polished according to myself. Alphastate brings it all with a lot of energy, precision and burning passion without brushing up everything into a fashionable end result. The vocals have made progress, more stability and more power come forward… same story about the bass and guitar lines, beware of the awesome mutual interactions ! An untamable drummer makes a big impression on my eardrums, he ruthlessly tackles his drum kit as it should be with a first class power metal band.

Opener ‘Trapped’ has a thrashing character and sounds really good, the rhythms reminds me of ‘As The World Burn’ from Canadian thrashers Sacrifice… awesome stuff anyway ! At first I thought the entire album would be a thrash metal spectacle but apparently this was a wrong thought, the rest of the songs is all about true power metal and I don’t regret it for a second. Actually, it doesn’t matter if they play thrash or power metal, these guys’ actions me feel good as their alley of metal is solid as a lump of granite. Full of talent, Alphastate deliver one after another great song where power, technical precision and melody reign supreme. This new album “The Grind” must open up more doors for the band, they deserve to be heard both nationally and far beyond the borders.

Very recommend for fans of early 90s Armored Saint, new Meliah Rage era, Brainstorm, Mystic Prophecy, Masterplan, Paragon and the likes. Originality is not central but these Greeks still convince me with this very dynamic and good produced album ! Additional info at:

My rating: 87/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)