AMBUSH – INFIDEL (High Roller Records / Soulfood / Sure Shot Worx)

Review by Stefan: We are currently living in very critical times where, since the arrival of the Corona virus, everything looks different. Our social contact has been abruptly interrupted, people are dying and the numbers of new infections are rising every day. I wonder how and when we will return to our normal lives, if this is ever going to be 100 percent possible ? Questions we don’t have answers to at the moment, the future will tell. I am sure that, if we follow the appropriate measures, we can handle Covid-19. Together we will overcome these hard times – Hell Yeah we can ! To distance my thoughts from all the misery in the world these days, I keep my passion for rock and metal as optimal as possible and regularly write a CD review, today I have the third album of the Swedish band Ambush on offer to discuss.

Formed back in 2013 and releasing their debut “Firestorm” the coming year, album number two entitled “Desecrator” saw daylight in 2015. Their very latest achievement can be admired since March 13th 2020 via High Roller Records, THE label where metal is offered along the big front door, in a very professional way. I have the honor to introduce to you “Infidel”, Ambush’s newest piece, an album that will convince me very well !

It is abundantly clear that traditional heavy metal rules over the entire playing time, the level is kept high all the time, great music I grew up with as a teenager. Sweden is a very interesting country when it comes to all types of metal music, during the 80’s I have greeted many Swedish top acts, even in this new era they are still going strong. If you listen to all the songs on “Ambush” with the necessary attention, you will notice that a lot of attention has been paid to the production. The sound is promising and worked out in a genius way. The way the songs were written reflect the band’s passion for old school heavy metal, alternating with influences from the contemporary scene here and there, this is a total package offered on a golden platter.

The impressive, quite soaring vocals of Oskar Jacobsson are strong, real strong actually. His highly controlled way of singing gives absolute added value to this well-oiled metal machine. I am also very pleasantly surprised by the cunning interplay of the two present guitarists who know how to do everything carefully. Just listen to the masses of strong riffs and rock solid leads where melody plays an important role. For example, take a comfortable position and listen to “The  Demon Within”, damn sure this is one of this album’s highlights ! Power, focus, burning passion and perfection come together to an admirable result … In the vein of Helloween (Keeper Of The Seen Keys era/Judas Priest (Defenders Of The Faith) days, this is heavy metal music inoculated with a large dose of musical skill. I also recommend the song ‘Yperite’, strong one reminiscent to the good ol’ days of Accept, on the other hand you have a more song that was made according to Judas Priest standards, ‘A Silent Killer’ takes you in tow and all you can do is surrender to so much splendor. Want some more good advice, check other bashers like ‘Heart Of War’, first single from the album ‘Hellbiter”, ‘Leave Them To Die’. Crank up the volume and let yourself be surrounded by the magical powers of heavy metal !

The fun was completely on my side, leaves nothing to the imagination, Ambush shines in all areas and interesting fact, they keep the good old heavy metal tradition alive and kicking! Reminiscent to the early days of Dokken, Helloween, Judas Priest, Accept, Malice, Van Halen and todays acts like like RAM, Enforcer, Lethal Steel, Dark Illusion, Cryonic Temple and conspecifics. Good album, recommended to old fashioned metalheads ! Ambush online:  Available as black/white/ice blue/yellow colored vinyl and CD jewelcase via High Roller Records

My rating 89/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)