Review by Stefan: It took An Evening With Knives (Eindhoven-Holland) blood, sweet and a whole mass of perseverance to catch a well suited label to launch their first, full length effort “Serrated, meanwhile released through Argonauto Records. This three piece formation actually debuted with the self-financed/titled EP and shared the stage with idols Corrosion Of Conformity, and bands such as Elder, Steak No. 8 and Truckfighters.

The band offered their reliable fans many gigs which took place in halls like the legendary Effenaar, lots of festivals they did as well like Incubate Festival, Popronde and Roadkill Festival. And I won’t forget to mention the ‘one band only’ concert early 2016, the place was completely sold out, a night to remember it must have been for sure ! Those who were present can confirm it, AEWK created the reputation of a real good and energy loaded live act those who deserved more than just the creation of a self-titled EP. Problem solved I should say, be ready for their new cut “Serrated”, a seven track boosted album that breathes dark and gloomy moments alternating with an intense psychedelic stoner rock feel.

These kind of albums are played sporadically at my home but when I do, be sure I will bring myself in a comfortable position with a cushioning light or a burning candle. The only thing left to do is to shut down my eyes and listening to what will reach for my eardrums. It might be some kind of a strange attitude to you but we’re all different from each other, right? This aside, I listened to Marco Gelissen (vocals and guitar), Ivo Jonkers (drums and samples) and Peer Van Grunsven on bass and second singer) newest recording and it feels like a devastating wall of sound came in front of me. Mostly the sound is REAL heavy and quite strange fact I experienced, along with the heaviness comes the inner peace of both heart and soul. The vocals are quite unusual to me but still, no doubt about the vocal service due to be considered as original to the core.

The pace is slow, equal to the doom/stoner/sludge tradition, the psychedelic/melancholic character some of the songs have in store works contagious. Hard to explain, and still keep my eyes close, I barely dreamed away as certain facts happened in my own life came across my mind. Not the most pleasant moments actually but that’s life and sooner or later, each one of us got to deal with dark period of times. Be prepared when dark clouds hang above you head folks ! An Evening With Knives does not bring music that makes you happy but I guess, that was the intention of the band themselves… they obviously wanted to go for a total dark minded album, and in my opinion, they succeeded completed. What some people forget is that life is not a party, be serious with yourself and look around… what do you see honestly, a whole lot of misery, isn’t it?!

I’d like to party myself when the time seems right to me, when I’m not in the mood due to loads of pain cruising up and down my body, I do what I have to do but that’s another story I do not want to bore you with !

The essence now is to spread my words on the new An Evening With Knives album entitled “Serrated” and have to admit that their dark and ultra-heavy sound hold on my attention optimal without losing grip. Even the fact the tempi is real low, I did not get bored. Absolutely nothing to do with the contemporary rock or metal scene, these Dutch guys give a damn about fashion crap and do what they want too, creating of style of music where psychedelic heaviness reign supreme, lyrical wise they follow the darkened ominous alleys, actually as a perspective of the present tense.

Fans of stoner rock not afraid to swallow a well-fitting psychedelic feel in the vein of The Atomic Bitchwax, The Flying Eyes, Toner Low, Weedpecker, Holy Serpent and the likes. Heavy and pure, quite original/idiomatic…  aficionado’s, don’t miss out and order on the double at: /

Make notice of the fact that the abum is also available on vinyl, those longing for the LP version of “Serrated”, better visit the following page: 

My rating: 82/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)