ANCESTRAL LEGACY & VEIL OF MIST – THE SILENT FRONTIER (Valkyrie Rising / SoulFood / Hard Life Promotion)

Review by Stefan: With this split CD I am once again entering unknown territory. Because I’m totally unfamiliar with both bands, I was forced to look for some background information first. Formerly known as Permafrost (symphonic black metal), Norwegian female fronted Ancestral Legacy began its quest back in 1999 and released lots of demo material, three full length efforts and a couple of EP’s; plus this split with Veil Of Mist, a Reims (France) based female fronted formation who released a complete album “Disenchantment” back in 2016. The long friendship between the founders of both bands named Jean Baptiste Frichet (bass) and multi-instrumentalist/singer Eddie Risdal has led to the realization of this joint output. Both acts have often shared the same stage. So there is a close bond between AL and VOM, which is most likely to do with the music style that is very similar to each other.

Bonded by progressive-doom-gothic and symphonic metal, Ancestral Legacy and Veil Of Mist present with this split output “The Silent Frontier” one new song, re-recordings of older stuff and also one cover. The Norwegians have chosen to display their own interpretation of Mylène Jeanne Gautier, better known as Mylène Farmer, a Canada-born French singer – Veil Of Mist take us by surprise with a rework of a song recorded at the time by the French dark ambient neoclassical band Elend. The cover tracks may be offering the surprise moment, unfortunately I can’t enjoy it because gloomy/melancholy songs with lots of industrial and electro influences don’t get access to heart and soul.

“The Silent Frontier” brings to light even more unexpected, unpleasant moments for me, namely an orchestral performance of an old song for AL and a reworked version of a previously released song for VOM, actually an electro remix. I appreciate the musical input of every band, but when I hear songs like these I don’t feel well, it turns my stomach upside down, proverbially expressed.

The orchestral and cover versions are not acceptable as far as I’m concerned, regarding the other songs (especially from Veil Of Mist) are concerned I can be a bit more positive, though. Maybe coincidental, but both singers remind me of the good old days of Anneke Van Giersbergen (The Gathering). Also musically I’m sometimes pushed in the direction of this Dutch progrock/gothic metal band. Isadora Cortina and Amandine Rosselle have a velvety soft voice that is sometimes abruptly snarled by a brutal male death grunt which gives the music a typical black death metal twist, fortunately for my heart this happens only at occasional moments.

But the emphasis for Ancestral Legacy and Veil Of Mist has to be put on the dark, progressive and gothic metal happenings with refences to acts like The Gathering, Opeth, Theatre Of Tragedy, The Third And The Mortal, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Lake Of Tears and conspecifics. Maybe you’re attracted to this genre, at least I’m not. Has nothing to do with the substandard actions of the bands, just let me be honest and say that this kind of music can’t please me at all ! Check ‘em out at: /