ANCIENT CURSE – THE NEW PROPHECY (Pure Steel Records / Soulfood)

Review by Stefan: Out of Bremen Germany and founded in 1985, the first years mainly demos were released, a first EP entitled “Thirsty Fields” was launched in 1995. For a full length album it took until 1997 when “The Landing” saw daylight, the same year another one appeared entitled “Thirsty Fields”, filled with songs from the previously released EP and a few new songs.

Afterwards it became quiet in Ancient Curse’s camp, they dived under the radar and there was no sign of life anymore. But everyone who had given up all hope were wrong. After many, many years of inactivity came the good news that the band had reactivated their musical activities. And again, it’s the great Pure Steel Records that offered the band a contract, an offer they couldn’t refuse, a gift from heaven for all those into very interesting Metal music !

Their third and newest album “The New Prophecy” has been released under excellent conditions. Heavenly beautiful cover artwork, fat production-not too much polished, the way the songs are written makes me feel good,…. this album has me in its grip, that’s for sure. From a band founded in the 80’s you would expect an album in the classical tradition but in the case of Ancient Curse it’s different. They have gone along with the time but still want to emphasize that their style is not in line with today’s modern trends. The reunited Ancient Curse sounds refreshing, strong and convincing !

The playing time of “The New Prophecy” is about 58 minutes, spread over 8 songs able to please me due to a very well worked out song writing and far above the average way of sound quality. Mainly I want to recommend the album to every Power Metal fan, also fans of Speed Metal with branches to Thrash Metal I want to urge them to buy it. During the playing time of “The New Prophecy” there is also room for defenders of US Power Metal in the vein of Reverence, Power Theory and slices of Iced Earth.

Groovy laden guitar riffs and the addition of choir passages have never really charmed me in Metal music but Ancient Curse gets an exception because everything is so nicely connected with each other, great job guys ! When I listen carefully to the musical total package of Ancient Curse, I do not have the right to say anything negative, there is already enough injustice in the music industry, don’t you think so ?! FYI: Henne Basse (Metalium/Sons Of Seasons) and Oliver Palotai (Kamelot) completing the line up as guest musicians !

“The New Prophecy” deserves my appreciation and is a potential candidate to join my Album Top 20 at the end of the year. ProgPower Metal worshippers, feel free to purchase your own copy at: CD order / Vinyl order  Ancient Curse online: /

My rating: 89/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)