ANCILLOTTI – HELL ON EARTH (Pure Steel Records / Soulfood)

Review by Stefan: Founded by bassist Sandro ‘Bid’ and vocalist Daniele ‘Bud’ Ancillotti, later the son also joined the ranks as drummer, his name called Brian. This musical family trio got the company of ‘Ciano’ Toscani, he became the guitarist in the band. Since 2009 these Italians guarantees the presentation of unadulterated Classic Heavy Metal,  now the time has come to spread the word of their newest piece “Hell On Earth”, the follow up to “Strike Back” (2014). This family affair type of Heavy Metal band bring on their music pure as can be – strong as can be. Third effort “Hell On Earth” has a real good production and the nine songs on this new album will especially pamper the fans of the old school metal genre.

There is a primordial power over the entire duration of the game, no mercy for the weak among us, Ancillotti pound metal from beginning to end. The singer has a hoarse voice that lights up quite well in the band, although I think his musical ability seems rather limited. The bass and drum works are well attuned to each other, their togetherness gets a high score from me. If I focus on the guitar work of the only  guitarist present, I come to the conclusion that he does what is expected of him, bring solid and well-lubricated riffs into play, regarding the solo parts I can be quite satisfied. With the addition of a second guitarist, the band would be even more emphasized, the sound would be even thicker and more convincing in my opinion. Maybe a good tip for the future?

During a playing time of almost 44 minutes you can expect classic Heavy Metal with both fast and mid-tempo compositions that remind me musically of bands such as Accept, Grave Digger, Primal Fear… also influences from the good old judas priest period also appear on a regular basis.

On the hunt for Classic Heavy Metal songs where the speed is increased, you should definitely listen to ‘Fighting Man’, ‘Firewind’ and ‘Till The End’… get ready for a hearty portion of solid metal where you can please your heart and soul, these are songs where you can headbang to your heart’s content ! For mid-tempo Heavy Metal or kinda groovy sprinkled stuff the following songs are eligible: ‘Revolution’, ‘Broken Arrow’ and ‘We Are Coming”.

Italy can be proud having a good Heavy Metal band on the map, Ancillotti do not follow the densely populated contemporary modern trend and I am very happy with that. Instead, these four guys deliver their songs in an old school way and they’re able to make me, as an eighties Metal fan one hell of a pleased person. Italo Heavy Metal at its best ! Check ‘em out at: /  / / Order HERE

My rating: 85/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)