Review by Officer Nice: I missed Iron Maiden this weekend in Antwerp and the mighty Keep It True festival is just finished. I was absent again and maybe I should try to find a ticket for next year. It is since 2014 I have been there and actually I miss it. I was able to find a ticket for this year’s edition but Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road weren’t the bands I was waiting for. I know there are plenty of True Metal fans who adore these bands but I don’t have anything with them. To me their music is pretty boring, call it blasphemy, I don’t care. We’ll see what next year will bring….

From out of the boot of Europe, Italy, comes Angel Martyr. A new band, delivering old stuff. This band perfectly fits the festival but more than one of the opening bands it will never be I guess. This sounds good, if you like old fashioned Heavy Metal, that’s fact. This album contains all ingredients from old fashioned Heavy Metal. Even some superb acoustic intermezzo’s are foreseen…

But as a matter of fact I can’t even say this one contains something special, it is a mediocre Metal band if you would ask me. Angel Martyr is based on the traditions of the NWOBHM movement but you can hear easily this is a Southern European band. This kind of Metal knows up tempo parts and a varied kind of tunes, just as lots of NWOBHM band does. Good leads, decent vocals, a good base of drums and bass guitars… but after all old stuff. The song writing and production are satisfying but after all nothing memorable happens on this one. Pure stuff for fans of traditional Heavy Metal. Check:

My rating : 72/100 (Decent but best previewing)