ANGEL MARTYR – NOTHING LOUDER THAN SILENCE (Iron Shield Records / Soulfood Music)

Review by Officer Nice

Since I live alone I can admit that silence is sometimes loud… But… but, my love for music became even more intense, although I can’t describe how passionate I was already living with music in my life before. It touches my soul, clears my head and often shows me the right path in what I am doing. Anyway, the title of the new Angel Martyr album is awesome and the reason to be a bit personal about myself.

This is the second album of these Italians and actually my first meeting with the band. That’s a pity because I discovered a cool formation. This trio writes and plays music that is heading between old school US Power Metal and Speed Metal. Often this band reminds me to the good old Attacker, the underrated band from New Jersey/USA. Angel Martyr is a typical band for the purists of Eighties Heavy Metal, the kind of Metal I grew up with. They deliver us midtempo Metal with good rhythms, lots of hooks, great leads and vocals that reminds me often to Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth of Overkill. I just mentioned two iconic bands from the US Metal scene but you don’t hear me say Angel Martyr reaches the quality level of both bands, no they don’t. Therefore some more memorable songs needs to be written. But what they do deserve the attention of any Metal freak out there who like to bang his head, still adores the times of leather jackets and jeans with patches, band pins, spike bands and smelling band shirts. Take a seat and enter the time machine…

This release stayed for several spins in my CD-player because there are multiple reasons to like it. In my opinion the front cover is really cool and a good reason to see if there is a vinyl version.  I like the riffs, the leads, the power and the enthusiasm of Angel Martyr. It makes me long for the next edition of the mighty Keep It True Festival, where this band would fit perfectly. Angel Martyr online: / / /

My rating: 84/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)