ANGER AS ART – FAST AS FUCK (Malevolence Records)

Review by Bert VD Abeele: The upcoming album from these American thrashers really delivers as the title promises: FAST AS FUCK! This is an awesome piece of thrash/speed metal to be played as often and as loud as possible. A record in the true vein of their eighties predecessors such as Death Angel, Exodus and Testament.

From the opening track ‘Gods of Hate’ Anger As Art grip you by the eardrums and from then on there’s no escape. This is a live album recorded in LA in the beginning of the year and listening to it will make you wish you were there. For a live album the sound and production are fantastic! In fact if it wasn´t for Steve Gaines announcing the songs and the cheers of the crowd, you probably wouldn´t even know this is a live recording.

The last three tracks: ‘Everybody Dies’, ‘Vicious intent’ and ‘Matriarch’ are studio bonus tracks, and they´re instant classics. In conclusion: this is simply a blind purchase that you would regret not adding to your collection. Malevolence Records release date – November 19 – 2018  Purchase this outstanding US thrash metal masterpiece at:

My rating: 97/100 (Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !)

Tracklist: 1) Gods Of Hate   2) Aim For The Heart   3) I Create Your God   4) Tombward
5) Unknowing Undead   6) Race For The War   7) Time Devours Life   8) The Crush   9) Hammer, Blade And Twisting Fire   0) Two Minutes Hate   11) Dim Carcosa   12) Never Forgive, Never Forget   13) Head Of The Snake   14) Everybody Dies*  15) Vicious Intent*   16) Matriarch (Montrose Cover)*

*Bonus Studio Tracks

Anger As Art: *Steve Gaines – Vocals, Guitar   *Eric Bryan – Vocals, Bass   *Dan Oliverio – Guitar, Vocals   *Rob Alaniz – Drums, Vocals

Recorded live on February 3, 2018 at the Chi-Cali Lounge in Monterey Park (Los Angeles), CA
Studio tracks recorded at Rev Sound Studios – Chino, CA
Produced & engineered by Ronald Sandoval

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