angerasart_videounknowingundeadReview by Nathan McLeod: Old School Metal Records recording artist, Anger As Art from Los Angeles, CA premiered their “official” video, “Unknowing, Undead” on 16NOV16.

To begin with, I know firsthand that Anger As Art went thru Hell with the making of Unknowing, Undead. The edits were coming back horrible, the footage was almost completely lost. Was a lotta crap that went on to the point that the video almost did not become a reality. Never a dull moment in this business that “most” people do not realize. Sometimes just never ending. And in all reality, in my belief the grief that Anger As Art went thru shooting Unknowing, Undead, the video actually came out great! It may not what Anger As Art visioned or anticipated in the beginning, but all in all, I happen to like the video.

angerasartvideoreviexuuAs track #6 from Anger As Art’s – Ad Mortem Festinamus CD which was released in March of this year, they could not have picked a better track from Ad Mortem Festinamus, IMHO to shoot a video for. Starting off with the actual track length of 3:31mins. Not too short, not too long. A perfect length of time for a video. Keeps the viewer into the video & not uninterested with a video length of lets say of 5-6:31mins.

Moving on with the dual solos of Steve Gaines & Dan Oliverio. Some really fine/superb Tipton/Downing-type style of dual leads present with Steve & Dan. I point this out because “dual leads” are not a common place in thrash metal, today. Suppose it takes a lotta “raw” talent with a lotta precision & timing as opposed to single leads from a guitarist. Which are also present from both Steve & Dan. And are as well top-notch.

There was a comment on YouTube: “Nice production but that Slate snare has to go”. OK, yes, the production is fucking killer! Ron Sandoval, audio engineer on Ad Mortem Festinamus did an excellent job with the whole Ad Mortem Festinamus CD! I totally agree this part of the comment. What I don’t agree with is the ‘Slate snare” part of the comment. I don’t think it needs to go anymore than saying Rob Alaniz would have to go. NOT!!! Get real.

Particularly now where I believe Unknowing, Undead also happens to be an excellent choice for a video is with the fact it is one of the tracks appearing on Ad Mortem Festinamus showcasing the dual vocals of Steve Gaines & Eric Bryan! If dual solos are not a common place in thrash metal today, well then “dual vocals” are even less common.

You see, listening to Unknowing, Undead whether it be from the Ad Mortem Festinamus CD, via Anger As Art’s ReverbNation page: via YouTube: (And yes, a BIG fuck you to the Orchard for monetizing on their material), & or anywhere on the web for that matter, actually seeing the “official” video whilst Anger As Art performing Unknowing, Undead gave me a whole different perspective about the song in many different ways.

It goes from Steve Gaines starting the song with him on vocals, obviously. The song climbs with Steve’s lead, then Dan’s. Then the dual leads with Steve & Dan. Then after the dual lead where listeners would may be lead to believe that Unknowing, Undead has already reached it’s climax & has plateaued, BOOM!!! Ya get a punch in the face with Eric’s vocal part of the song. Eric is just savage & brutal! Eric’s vocal lead in Unknowing, Undead may only be 20secs or so, but gives that extra drive, that extra punch, pushing things over the top. Unknowing, Undead then ending with the vocal lead back to Steve.

Sometimes you just see a whole different element actually seeing something rather than just a listen too. Same would apply now seeing the video for Unknowing, Undead & actually seeing this performed “live”. In the end here, Anger As Art sure have & done up nicely the whole accomplishing the “less is more” approach within Unknowing, Undead from an audio perspective as well from a video perspective. Great job!!!

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*Rob Alaniz – Drums/Vocals

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