ANNEXATION – INHERENT BRUTALITY (Iron Shield Records / Soulfood)

Review by Stefan: Get ready for a furious invasion Berlin Thrash Metal, this band was founded by guitarist Lizard Gonzales (aka Uncle Crocodile) in 2015. It was immediately clear that delivering fast and aggressive Thrash Metal was the ultimate ambition he wanted to share with the outside world. Four other members hooked on the same style of music teamed up with Lizard, Annexation released its first demo “Reptile World Order” in 2017 followed by the MCD “Jackhammer Treatment” (2019). Now these guys inked a deal with Iron Shield Records, THE place where Thrash Metal is held in high esteem.

Counting 11 songs, this first full length album “Inherent Brutality” brings a kind of tribute to Thrash Metal of yesteryear, I mean the 80s. Across the whole nine yards influences from both Teutonic and Bay Area styled Thrash comes rushing towards me. From the beginning to the bitter end I am not allowed to rest, this album makes the blood flow through my veins in a furious way and keeps me wide awake. The aggressive vocals reminds me to the good old days of Demolition Hammer, Kreator, Whiplash,… even the almighty Sadus comes to mind ! The work of the drummer on duty strikes me, this is certainly not the result of a beginner. He treats his kit mercilessly and no movement seems too much to him, excellent work ! The strings of the guitarists are tight including cutting riffs and sometimes quite uncontrolled leads. But everything considered, there’s no reason to worry about. “Inherent Brutality” gives me a good feeling and a sturdy wink to the best era of my own life, the 80s era Metal movement !

The average speed with which the songs are made reaches a very high level, remarkably good news is that Annexation knows its limits well. Never too fast and never too slow, Annexation deliver the goods on old school Thrash Metal. Fans of old Slayer, Demolition Hammer, Sodom, Morbid Saint, Whiplash, Sacrifice, Assassin, Violent Force,… will get value for their money after placing an order. Available on CD/LP, proceed at:  Annexation online:

My rating: 82/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)