APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE – FROM GOLD TO ASH (Cruz Del Sur Music/Sonic Rendezvous)

Review by Officer Nice: Apostle Of Solitude is a band we wrote about before. Especially fanatics of Doom Metal must have their previous works in their collection. On the tempo of the music the band also releases new albums, “From Gold To Ash” is the band’s latest effort. These Americans already earned their fan base but it’s about time the bigger crowd discovers them. Are there any reasons to? Yes, because I believe that Apostle Of Solitude is a band that is able to keep the cold flame of traditional Doom Metal burning and they might be the hope for the future in a difficult genre. This is a band that knows what True Doom Metal stands for!

Based on the oldest Black Sabbath tunes also Apostle Of Solitude depresses the listener. But, the listener enjoys the tunes, the low tempi, the dark atmosphere and the way he or she becomes melancholic because of it. I really, really calmed down listening to it and indeed some coldness made part of me. The days of good weather are here, the sun is shining outside but listening to this one made me feel  cold and depressed. I think it’s rather strong that a band can touch the listener’s soul this way.  Anyway, musical wise this is probably the band’s strongest effort and you must be aware the entire album knows a very slow tempo (except for the instrumental intro). This is Doom Metal ‘pur sang’ but played by real great musicians. The result is that Apostle Of Solitude delivers harmonic and melodic rhythms and tracks that works on the mind.

I hear great and low played guitar riffs, threatening arrangements and great melancholic yet clear vocal lines…by two singers. Constantly there’s that specific dark and threatening mood present, along with the melodic tracks it gives this album that special touch. To me this record comes, qualitative-wise, close to the better Candlemass or Solitude Aeturnus albums. I adore the colossal riffs, the intense played leads, the way the songs are structured and the way the depressive tunes drips out of my speakers. This band is old fashioned and is proud being it! I still support the old school and therefore I bow my head deep for these guys who just delivered a powerful album. Without any doubts a ‘must have’ for any fan of traditional and massive Doom Metal. It’s about time this band tours to Europe! Check http://www.apostleofsoliude.com

My rating: 89/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)