APOTHESARY – SENSORY OVERLOAD (M-Theory Audio / Salem Rose Music)

Review by Nathan McLeod: Hailing from Concord, CA (the SF Bay Area), “Sensory Overload” is “Apothesary’s” fourth (4th) installment since their incarnation back in 2009. A full-length & three (3) EPs.

Musically “Apothesary” are catchy & of the melodic death metal genre mostly. There are some thrash metal moments “Apothesary” present thru out “Sensory Overload”. Here & there I do hear some of the punk, crossover, hardcore genres & sounding a bit like “Cro-Mags” or the “English Dogs” from the “Age Of Quarrel” & “Forward Into Battle” albums, especially on the “Sensory Overload” & “Expressionless Me” tracks. Additionally can hear some intricasy & influence say that of “Atheist” from the “Piece Of Time” album. Especially on the “1976” & “Woodland Critter Christmas” tracks. So, very much so I am hearing a mixture of metal genres that make up “Apothesary” on “Sensory Overload”.

The listener may come across some moments here & there that may appear a bit on the dull or repetitious side with the rhythm & or riffs regarding the death metal genre. But not really. I think “Apothesary” keep things quite interesting & change things up with the tempo & the guitar solos that just appear outa no where. Take a listen to the “1976” track: https://youtu.be/uWkq-dudbrw… … The flamenco guitar breakdown then the climbing rhythm onto an explosive guitar solo is exactly what I am talking about! Listen to the bass of “Brittany Shankle” on “1976” as well. Very catchy rhythm’s & lead fills. And by far this is my favourite track on “Sensory Overload”. A bit more of the aforementioned on “Elizabeth” & “Woodland Critter Christmas” as well.

Vocally I have a hard time with “Apothesary”. The vocals of “Jared Eandi” that is. The backing vocals of “Clayton Cagle”, which are quite noticeable & present himself, not as bad. Some points there is a nu-metal screaming approach that I don’t really care for from the backing vocals. Apologies guys, but I just struggle with the death metal genre vocals. If it’s not that of say “Jeff Becerra” & or say “Chuck Shuldiner” style(s) of vocals in the death metal genre, I struggle with it. (RIP Chuck). Although I do like the punk, hardcore, crossover metal approach “Apothesary” pursues with the vocal structure & timing. It’s quite punching & in your face when the backing vocals come in. Like in the beginning of “Sensory Overload” for example.

The drums of “Greg O’Neill” are fitting for what “Apothesary” play. Nothing really over the top, explosive, nor energetic IMHO. Keeps the timing. Production on “Sensory Overload” is kinda strange. It has a mixture of a gritty/polished sounds on “Sensory Overload” giving it a not so bad but not so great. But happens to sound fine, blends in quite alright.

You can take a listen to the “Sensory Overload” CDEP here: https://www.youtube.com/watch

My rating: 82/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)

*Jared Eandi – Vocals, Guitar
*Clayton Cagle – Guitar, Vocals
*Brittany Shankle – Bass
*Greg O’Neill – Drums

Sensory Overload track info:
I) Sensory Overload II) 1976 III) Elizabeth IV) Woodland Critter Christmas V) Expressionless Me (Short Edit) – total run-time, 20:27.

Produced by Clayton Cagle, Riles Olasci, Jared Eandi, & Greg O’Neill.

Contact info:
*Website: http://www.apothesary.com/
*ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/apothesary
*YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/apothesary101
*Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apothesary
*MySpace: https://myspace.com/apothesary
*Metal Archives: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Apothesary/3540290070