ARCHANGE – FLASHBACK (Target/Mighty Music Records)

Review by Officer Nice: In another review I wrote what the essence is in good music. It isn’t the easiest job to touch anyone’s soul by music and musicians are constantly searching for new boundaries, for inspiration. I know these people are working hard to get respect. It is a fact that only a few will become Rock stars, a bit more are able to pay all their bills with the little money they gain and most musicians just are happy to get some free beers. And no, it has not always to do anything with the fact if their music is good or not, the right support on the right moment might be enough. Also some luck to decide the right things on the right moments is important.

The best example is a band like Helstar, superb musicians with incredible good albums….but because of some bad luck they never get what they should have earned. I have discovered hundreds of this kind of fantastic bands in different styles, bands that wrote unknown gems…. as I know bands that earned billions of dollars with music that really isn’t worth listening to. The world is not fair, is it?

Anyway, I have another CD in my hands, Archange from out of France. The front cover looks a bit cheap but the band logo does attract, although also this could have been drawn a bit finer. Anyway, I have the feeling some traditional Hard Rock / Metal is coming my way and I suppose my experience in Metal still works. They seems to be a good powerful melodic Hard Rock band, inspired by some great bands from out of the Eighties. I hear a very enjoyable record to listen to, delivering good old sounding Hard Rock / Metal in vein of bands like Scorpions and Dokken. At some points Archange even sounds like a good traditional Metal band, obliging me to pump up the volume! That’s interesting I guess because the band, I was writing a review about before and was heading from France too, forced me to end the listening session. That’s the difference, that’s what good music is about and Athese guys really understands what good Metal is all about. When I mention Dokken and Scorpions I really mean it, especially that kind of nasal vocals by Dan Pallas is making me thinking about those bands. This band is qualitative very strong but they don’t score the hits like their examples did. They won’t change the world but they’re able to make your day if you like this genre of music. This singer has anyway a very nice voice, a strong pair of lungs and I wonder why we never heard about him before. Or did we miss something? Also musical wise Archange is a band that plays this kind of music, so I witness good leads, hard hitting drums and good melodic basic lines as well. The intense played and fast fingered leads by Laurent Ravatel are another good reason to try this band out.

Fans of the bands I have mentioned before should really give these French lads a serious try. Okay, I was not astonished or blown away like I was when I heard Dokken and the old Scorpions for the very first time, but I really had fun listening to this one. The chance a band is able to blow me away is anyway little nowadays, I’m too old I guess. This is a rather new band but with this good singer, this gifted guitarist and the intelligent song writing I hope to hear more about them in the future. Anyway, I finally have a new French band to like. Check it out at

My rating: 85/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)