Set List: 1. Race For Glory (Гонка за славой) 2. Kill The Dragon (Убить дракона) 3. Hero Of Asphalt (Герой асфальта) 4. Era Of Lucifer (Эра Люцифера) 5. The Curse Of The Seas (Проклятье морей) 6. Colosseum (Колизей) 7. Baptism By Fire (Крещение огнём) 8. Varyag (Варяг) 9. Point Of No Return (Точка невозврата) 10. Let It Be (Пусть будет так) 11. The Calm (Штиль) 12. Executioner (Палач) 13. Antichrist (Антихрист) 14. Deception (Обман) 15. The Sky Will Find You (Небо тебя найдёт)

Review by Holger B.: Thanks to my early birth, I am one of the lucky music fans who got to know and love the golden 80s in real time, along with their absolute heyday of “real” Heavy Metal. In the summer of 1989 I had the pleasure of experiencing the Russian band ARIA in Berlin-Weißensee live on a large open-air stage together with the East Berliners Merlin and Noisehunter from West Germany. As many as 30 years later, I now come to the honor of being allowed to review the new live DVD/CD of the Moscow.

Anyone who has never heard of ARIA (is there anyone there anyway?) Can imagine them as Iron Maiden of the Eastern Bloc. They were then and after watching the DVD, I can say with justification that they are still today. Not only that there are musically some striking similarities, no, also the impressive stage show has similarities. Here is paddled and not spilled.

Especially impressive is the changing scene with each song thanks to large LED surfaces on the stage. Singer, guitarists and even the drummer are constantly changing their outfit to match the scenes on stage. This is visually quite impressive and I have not seen something like that in the way. Simply great!

Musically, a band presents itself here, playing a mix of old and new titles. And on a very high level. Variety is as important as the stage design here. Faster songs alternate with midtempo titles or ballad songs, so there’s no time for boredom. This is not all original members and meanwhile the fourth singer is on board is a band that has been active in the scene since 1985 forgive. From my side there is a thick buy recommendation here! Additional info at:  / 

My rating: 90/100 (Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)