ARKHAM WITCH – GET THOTED VOL. II (Metal On Metal Records)


ARKHAMWITCHcdcoverGTvol2Review by Sloof: Simonitaurious Rex is the mainman of Arkham Witch and besides a very original name, he’s also responsible for the vocals and keyboards in this English band. Their Heavy/Doom metal with a lot of Old School influences is moving forward step by step, EP by EP and this “Get Thoted Vol. II” is the successor of the previous EP “Weird Tales” and their third full length album “I Am Providence” which is released in 2015. Most members are a few years in the band and some of them are also active in the band The Lamp Of Thoth.

This new EP refers to the latter and “Get Thoted – Vol.II” is a logical continuation on the Vol. 1 release from last year. Again, we get 5 tracks that deliver quality and all songs are wrapped in the amorphous tentacles of Lovecraft’s concepts and stories. They pay a lot of attention to harmonies and the voice of Simonitaurious Rex, simply shortened to Simon Iff? is fitting like a glove to the arrangements. Arkham Witch is original, daring and stubborn. They state that no wah-wah pedals were hurt in the making of this record and this humoristic touch reflects in the songs as well.

This is honest music, material that you will appreciate and consists of a bunch of musicians that play with their hearts instead of aiming to the bigger success. Fans of NWOBHM era will like this band, those that prefer the second wave will enjoy them as well, and even psychedelic adepts will appreciate the material on Volume 2. Again, we get wonderful artwork by Ian Goulden who made a collage from Victorian engravings but it illustrates the magical approach of this band. Awesome and with a lot of respect, I’m going to push the play button once more! Order at:!/ARKHAM-WITCH-Get-Thothed-2CDs-Bundle/p/65493965/category=2707104 Arkham Witch Facebook:

My rating: 84/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on)