Review by Officer Nice: I know this label from the Keep It True Festival. In two weeks the mightiest Metal festival on earth will take place again and be sure this record label will be there as well, selling their goodies to the international crowd. Only for the Metal market it is worth making the trip, but actually I miss the total concept of this festival. I always had fun over there and I witnessed incredible good gigs. From this label I received a slipcase from Arkham Witch. I don’t know the band and I don’t know why the CD has difficulties playing in my CD-player. Was it dust or something else? I don’t know… Anyway, here we go…

I found out these guys are coming from out of the United Kingdom and that this release brings their three EP’s together. The band released some albums as well but I think this release is a good way to find out what this band stands for. If you’re into some old sounding Heavy/Doom Metal, Arkham Witch might be what you are searching for. Believe me if I say this kind of Metal remains popular and that old school Seventies sound will probably never disappear. It proves again how important the old Black Sabbath really was.

This album has its psychedelic moments all over and the low tuned riffs, working on low tempo drums, works on the listener’s mind. This music is melancholic yet heavy and powerful. This kind of occult bands has their own fan base and I’m pretty sure those fanatics know the band, like them enough to purchase this album as well. I hear good played guitars, powerful played drum parts and a bass player who supports this music on the right way! They make this band sound dark and obscure. I also hear a singer with a strong clean voice that fits the music very well. The vocal lines are really nice to hear, a bit theatrical and therefore pretty unique. I see a very nice drawn on the front cover, one that breathes the atmosphere of this release. I can only conclude this band knows how to play some good Heavy/Doom Metal. Check these guys out at:  /

My rating: 80/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)