ARMORTURA – ARMORTURA (Target/Mighty Music Records)

Review by Officer Nice: I have always adored some ‘me time’. Even when I was married I needed some time for my own! Going to see my favorite team with my friends, listening to music as loud as I want, seeing an incredible cool war movie or playing a great game…. You got the picture? I just like to do what I want! I love women but they need to understand this ‘me time’ is important and chocking me is the worst idea. Ever since my divorce I have but time for myself and I just love it. I have to chance to play Metal on the highest volume and that’s the way I like it…if the music is able for it. Ladies and gentlemen here is Armortura and the volume button signs red, but I don’t care!

Who is Armortura? Well, if you would have asked me this an hour ago I would have been as ignorant as you are. Well, let me enlighten you and say this band is heading from the UK. From over there are lots of goodies since a few years. It seems Metal is living a revival in good old Britannia and that’s fantacti! Armortura was formed in April 2016 by ex-Holosade members Phil De Sade (vocals) and Paul Trotter (guitars), but to be honest I’m ignorant about that band as well. If they are as good as this on I really need to check them out (which I have already done). Amortura breathes anything that makes Metal so irresistible and really impresses me! Wow, what a band!

I knew that I closed my year list way too early, damn! This band delivers anything I adore about Heavy Metal! It is pure, it is heavy, it contains powerful arrangements, razor sharp riffs, screaming guitars, thundering drums…. Although Amortura is from the United Kingdom I would always have guessed this is an American band. These lads love melodic Thrash and are putting it in a blender with the purest Power Metal. It’s Nevermore meeting Sanctuary, it sounds like good old Forbidden, Heathen, Laaz Rockit, Metal Church and all other goodies from out of the USA. It has anything this genre demands; it is aggressive, it contains multiple tempi and sounds varied, you will hear low-register fast guitar riffs, twin guitars and the music is technical all over. This album knows enough shredding guitars to make you play imaginary guitars! So yes, take your Flying V, Fender or whatever and play along with this fantastic band! Maybe you’d like to play drums? Be sure you will sweat on this one because the drums are overwhelming!

Or you’d like to sing along as well? That’s possible because Amortura is melodic enough to enjoyable for any Metal fan and this band delivers a strong kind of song writing. Singer Phil De Sade contains a strong pair of lungs and his vocal sound is similar to David Godfrey, the underrated singer of Heathen! I really like this kind of vocals, maybe a high scream is the only thing I miss around here! Add a very strong production and you will hear a true wall of sound heading your way, My speakers are suffering hard times but I don’t care. I don’t even mind if I blow my speakers into pieces, this album just deserves it!

It is so hard to name a favorite track on this one. In it’s genre this is a ‘must have’ album and I really hope this band is able to break through with their old school melodic Thrash Metal. I don’t know what their future will bring because, after all, the British traditional (old and new) Metal bands aren’t that successful. It has nothing to do with the music, but all with the lack of support they have. It’s about time the Metal scene re-discover the bands from the country where it all began….England! Amortura is a perfect band to start with, what a fantastic release! Check:

My rating: 91/100 (Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)