ARMORY – THE SEARCH (High Roller Records)

Review by Jan Vervaeke: Speed warriors from all galaxies, listen to this… Swedish speed metal!!

If Savage Grace and (early) Blind Guardian would have a bastard son, this is how it would sound. Fans of both SG and BG (during their first two albums), and for sure also Liege Lord, don’t need continuing reading, they know what they have to do! The kind of metal Armory brings,  sounds to me a perfect combination of US & German 80’s speed metal.

Not all is so perfect, some remarks has to be done. The vocals are not the most convincing element, neither is the production. But honestly, both still good;  it still suits the music very well. These two elements give the album a same vibe to me as Savage Grace & early Liege Lord, for sure!

A stronger point to me seems the guitars, as well in the riffs as in the solos. For this reason Liege Lord (besides Blind Guardian) seems also a big influence; and without any doubt, then also very early Maiden. The rhythm section also does a great job, by moments a bit noisy sounding due to the production, but that’s not as negative comment.

This is the second album of this young band from Hisingen. an island, near Gothenborg. They started in 2012; and released also 2 demo’s so far (in 2013 and 2015). Second demo “S.M.I.” (which stands for Speed Metal Island) has for more than 1 reason, a very well chosen title! And their style is also close, at least I have this impression, to the one of cult band S.D.I. The quality delivered on this “The Search” seems to me quite equal to what was produced on their debut “World Peace …Cosmic War”. But this should be considered as positive comment only, both albums are good!

Who can give this album a try ? Besides the already mentioned bands, all fans of Enforcer, Evil Invaders, Violent Force, Living Death,  Holy Terror, Deathrow,…

Artwork (by Mattias Frisk), which reminds me a bit of Ed Rypka, it’s not that dark minded as that from Ryka – but has some similarities though, and it suits really very well with the musical style. Linni Lindström/ Night Crawler did also great work for the layout of the cd. Beautiful pictures & booklet. Physical album is available on compact disc, and also as electric blue and black colored vinyl.

Highlights: cool titled tracks as “Utomjordisk Dominans” (Alien Dominance), the only one sung in Swedish-for me fave song of this album, very cool with inclusion of guest vocals of Oskar Jacobsson (Ambush) & “Hisingen Warriors” (the title says it all).

Intergalactic greetings, and I am impatient for the third album.

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My rating: 82/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)