ARVAS – BLACK PATH (Target/Mighty Music)

Review by Officer Nice: I am totally in the mood for this kind of music today! I am full of anger, it feels like I am a walking time bomb and if the sun does not appear soon I will explode. I am sick of this unfair world where the government steals anything from us on a legal way, where life is exaggerating expensive and all common senses are vanished. Political correctness really offends me because it makes anything, that was logic before, disappear. And we, the people? We are silenced and God damned… it keeps on raining!

Okay, focus now, relax… I’ll let my anger go. Gimme this kind of loud aggressive Black Metal because I need it and because, for some reason, this kind of music does ease me! Oh yes, I adore it on the right time, in the right place!  Arvas? From Norway? I adore Black Metal from Norway and it seems to be the perfect country for this kind of music. The Norwegian woods are mighty and I do understand why there are so many legends and tails about them…why so many Metal bands are inspired by them. And yes, it’s on my bucket list to go out there. Anyway, Arvas came out with their debut album in 2009 and offered more records after.

This release is full of old school Black Metal. Dan Swanö (Dissction, Dark Funeral, Opeth, Marduk, Edge Of Sanity,…) was responsible for the mastering. Black Metal bands mostly ignore being commercial, I don’t know if this was the goal here to ignore it as well, to deliver the old sound. The production makes you anyway feel that this record sounds ‘cult’, ‘old school’, the way the true Black Metal fanatics and Satanists demand it. And for a part that’s a pity because some leads are too weak produced into that wall of sound, sometimes even the vocals aren’t loud enough and for a part hidden behind that mighty wall of bass and drums.

Musical wise you can expect varied tracks with an overdose of aggression. Arvas plays in multiple tempi and their Satanic charisma drips out of your speakers. The screams, the grunts, the yelling guitars, the thundering double bass drums, blast beats, the explosive bass guitars…. all are included! Arvas sounds occult, Satanic, uncompromising and horrifying. What I do like on this band is the fact that lots of hooks and different rhythm sessions are used, which makes this band believable in their style. It’s a pity that a better production wasn’t foreseen, just to put those strong points in the spotlights. This album contains 11 songs, inclusive a cover from Mercyful Fate, probably the most Satanic band ever!

This is pure stuff for old school Black Metal fanatics. The fact this band kept on the ancient sound will attract the purists for sure. I think the rest better ignore this one. Is it bad? Hell no, but it isn’t meant for a wide public. I see it as a missed chance, working with Dan Swano and having this as a result. But, as I’ve said before, it can be the goal of the band and in that case their job is well done. Check: 

My points: 75/100 (Decent but best previewing)