ASSASSINSBLADEcdcoverAOMReview by Sloof: Sweden meets Canada with renowned members like Jacques Bélanger (vocals) and mostly known for the Exciter albums ‘The Dark Command’, ‘Blood Of Tyrants’ and ‘New Testament’ and a bunch of musicians that played in bands like Portrait, Void Moon and Trap. Most of the songs on this album received solos from Janne Stark (known from the band Overdrive, and also as the author of the Encyclopedia Of Swedish Heavy Metal books). Let’s conclude that Assassin’s Blade is a band with a lot of potential on board, a band that likes to spread the message of Heavy Metal with fierce and pride!

This debut album ‘Agents Of Mystification’ contains 11 songs and has a playing time of approx. 50 minutes. Pure Steel Records from Germany offered the band a deal and since the end of April, the album should be available in every record store that has a heart for hard! Fans of old Priest, Agent Steel and of course Exciter might be interested in this band, as the material on this debut leans close to the musical direction of the mentioned bands.

First of all, the throat of Jacques Bélanger adds a lot of Old School ingredients in the songs, and although the music can be described as mainly mid-tempo, the band succeeds in creating songs that are worth listening too, although for a first spin. The only thing that might result in a setback is the monotonous direction that all songs have. The best track on ‘Agents Of Mystification’ is the direct opener on this album. If you have your best shot in the beginning, people might be disappointed as they want to hear more highlights throughout the whole album.

Unfortunately, Assassin’s Blade doesn’t fulfill those demands. A track like ‘Frosthammer’ might create the same passion and dedication, but there are still too much average tracks on this album. Epic themes can be found in a track like ‘Herostratos’, while ‘League Of The Divine Wind’ offers a saga. If you are into high pitched vocals you will probably like the songs, but if you want an increasing quality album, you will be disappointed.

It’s a pure personal matter if you will consider yourself as a fan of Assassin’s Blade, but I’m damn sure that this band can deliver much better material. Let’s give them a second chance on their next album, but so far, I’m not totally convinced. Order at:  Additional info at:

My rating: 75/100 (Decent but best previewing)