ASTRALION – OUTLAW (Limb Music Records)


ASTRALIONcdvoverOutlawReview by Sloof: People that like Stratovarius, GammaRay, Helloween, Saxon … this one is something that you will like a lot! Astralion deliver an absolutely great album with songs that will leave you dazed and confused! A lot of melody, a lot of keyboards, wonderful vocals by Ian E. Highhill and a good dose of aggression. This is the perfect cocktail for a Melodic Power Metal album and “Outlaw” reaches all goals!

From the opener ‘Deathphone (Final Destination)’ you will have a perfect idea what this band is capable off! They mix melody with some speed, they add great choruses to the songs and all musicians play with so much enthusiasm that I have a kind of ‘Freedom Call’ feeling, yet being harder and more mature. ‘Black Adder’ continues in the best Stratovarius tradition while the speed in decreasing but heaviness increases in ‘Sacrificed & Immortalized’. A lot of keyboards by Thomas Henry and an instrumental part in the beginning leads us to furious riffing afterwards. Awesome and all fans of Kai Hansen will adore this track! And this is how this album goes on, this is how quality is improving track after track, for example ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ that starts rather modest, but once the whole band is involved you will get another absolute highlight on this album!

There is not one song, not one track that is below the average, so I have been searching for comments and it was hard as there are simply none. The only thing that bothers are the first 22 seconds of this album where the so called ‘Deathphone’ is ringing. Totally otiose! What remains are 58:25 minutes of pure amusement and joy! Astralion can be considered as thé surprise of past months!

My rating: 93/100 (Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)