AT FIRST – DEADLINE (Independent / Hard Life Promotion)

Review by Stefan: At First from Breda, Holland recently released its first record “Deadline” on its own. Prior to the new album, the band also released an EP “Dreams Inc.” which, according to some research work, was well received by the press and media. This review is also the first introduction to their music that, according to info sources, has to do with alternative rock and metal. Absolutely not my cup of tea but I want to give everyone a fair chance and to give a final answer about their musical approach, I’m forced to provide the album with a few listening sessions which has happened in the meantime. Stay on board to get my opinion…

First observation that struck me immediately, “Deadline” is equipped with an excellent production, the recording quality and the genre are in perfect harmony. The genre of At First is mostly situated in the world of rock and metal, but built on an alternative foundation. For lovers of this specific gem there is a lot going on, variation is never lacking at any time. The construction of each song was tinkered with a lot of attention and every piece of the puzzle clicks into the other one.

Influenced by other bands in the genre such as Halestorm, Alter Bridge and Race Against The Machine I have to admit that none of them can please me, there’s never been a connection with this kind of acts. Maybe this is irrelevant but I would like to mention that there are two music styles that I really don’t like because of their musical approach… I’m talking about Grunge and Alternative related rock and metal.

What strikes me when listening to At First’s new album are the vocal parts of Jamie Jochems, what she shows here is magnificent and masterly. She has all kinds of possibilities to offer her voice very variable, and joyful. From tender and soft moments in the vein of Anneke Van Giersbergen (The Gathering) she can immediately turn to powerful, aggressive and cheeky vocals reminiscent of Angela Gossow (ex-Arch Enemy). She has the ability to adapt to the musical nature of the band which is an absolute added value. Have to admit that I would really like to hear her at work in a full fletched heavy metal band, I think her voice can come into its own even more. Anyway, it is what it is and At First can only be very happy with the vocal service of like Jamie Jochems !

According to what I’ve heard, At First has proven several times that they are also convincing and dynamic at live concerts, so far they were allowed to share the stage with Bring Me The Horizon, Textures, The Royal & Dool and others. With AF they have gained a fixed value within the alternative genre, a worthy newcomer who can undoubtedly compete with the rest of the scene. In order not to put anyone on the wrong track, I would like to refrain from any distribution of points. Everything has to do with my personal musical attitude. At First online: / /­­_band/ / /