ATTACKER – ARMOR OF THE GODS (Metal On Metal Records)

Review by Stefan: On September 5th., 2018, US Power Metal giants Attacker released “Armor Of The Gods” through Metal On Metal Records, an EP with four brand new songs and two live tracks recorded at the Up The Hammers Fest in Athens, Greece (May 2017). Tom Beaujour mixed the live songs, ‘World Destroyer’ (originally from the album “Sins Of The World” 2016) and ‘Glen Of The Ghost’ (originally from the album “Giants Of Canaan” 2013) at Kaleidoscope Studios in New Jersey.

Since Attacker signed with Metal On Metal Records, they seem reborn. I’m a die-hard fan of this band since they were formed back in 1984. Last September, two good friends of mine John Berry and Birger, drummers in Belgian bands Slaughter Messiah and Flatchet Creed, were present at Warrior Of Metal Open Air in Torreilles, France to watch Attacker doing the complete “The Second Coming” set. They told me it was a brilliant performance… a superb gig to remember! Shame on me I never saw these US Metal legends on stage, but listening to the live songs on “Armor Of The Gods”, I can only be excited and still hoping to see them on stage one day!

To be honest, I was expecting a full length album instead of an EP but everything in life has its reason. Founding member/drummer of the band, Mike Sabatini explains: “Even though metal fans prefer a full album, doing the EP was more cost effective for us at this time. The state of the music business has led to rethinking strategies and even doing singles here and there might have to come into play at some point. We only do this for the love of the music.”

I can fully understand Mike, and as a longtime fan of US Metal, I have to admit that I’m VERY pleased with this EP, especially the studio recordings are so damn beautiful! The title track, ‘Frightmare’, ‘Skinwalker’ and ‘Gallows Hill’ remind me of their glorious “The Second Coming” era, the best Attacker period in my opinion. What I hear here is quite impressive. Each band member delivers a performance able to fulfill my highest expectations regarding US Metal.

Vocalist Bobby Lucas screams the lungs out of his chest like there’s no tomorrow. Both axemen, Mike Benetatos and Jon Hasselbrink’s twin guitar riffs, solos and shredding are top-notch. Mike Sabatini is Mike Sabatini, a friendly guy who is a talented and technical drummer and who has never disappointed me. I also won’t forget to mention bassist Brian Smith, the man able to make the ground underneath your feet start to tremble. I am so impressed with the new compositions that it is difficult to describe my feelings, but one thing is for sure: this is outstanding US Heavy/Power Metal, which I love and adore with all my heart!

The production is perfect in my opinion, not too polished and with a strong nod to the ’80s. It’s done by the legendary producer/engineer Alex Periales (Vio-Lence, Testament, Overkill, Blessed Death, Nuclear Assault, At War…), who produced also Attacker’s “The Second Coming” thirty years ago! Cool epic looking cover artwork, lots of colourful photos and lyrics give even more value to this magnificent release… For fans of early Helstar (“Remnants Of War”), Vicious Rumors (“Soldiers Of The Night”), Liege Lord (“Freedom’s Rise”), Iron Maiden (“Killers”), Forté (“Stranger Than Fiction”), Amulance (“Feel The Pain”), Oliver Magnum (“Oliver Magnum”), Antithesis (“Dreaming Reality”)… US Classic Metal at its best! Order HERE. Visit Attacker’s facebook at:

My Rating: 96/100 (Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !)