ATTACKER – SPIRITUAL WARFARE Single 2021 (Independent)

Review by Stefan: Since the early 1980s I have been an ardent supporter of the magical US Metal gem. This style of music came into my life when I was 16 years old, since then the passion has only continued to grow. At the time, exchanging cassette tapes was a real craze, that’s how I got to know many bands that, in the best case scenario, only released something physical  considerable time later. This way I also came in contact with two of my absolute favorite US Metal groups, being Attacker and Deadly Blessing ! “Battle At Helm’s Deep” (’85) / “The Second Coming” (’88) by Attacker and “Ascend From The Cauldron” (1988) by Deadly Blessing… unapproachable, legendary albums as far as I’m concerned. True fact is both can still captivate me improbably after so many years, real milestones in my life !

I was unaware of the fact that former Deadly Blessing singer Ski (also ex-Zygo / Altered State / Faith Factor / Obliterator,  Screams Of Babylon) would become the new Attacker frontman, this joyous news was assured with a first song that made its rounds on the internet on January 22, 2021. My satisfaction that day could not be better, titled “Spiritual Warfare”, a first introduction to the new Attacker !

A scenario I had not dared to dream about myself, two of my all time favorite US Power Metal reuniting for the recording of a new album which, if all plans come to fruition, should be released in early 2022. When I listen to ‘Spiritual Warfare’, all my expectations of first class USPM are fulfilled. The vocals of grandmaster in high pitched vocal lines named Ski and the wisdom of the other band members to make US Metal a big party is present. Attacker has never let me down in terms of their music style, even with this new song they remain among the elite of this supreme genre.

This typical US Metal styled composition was recorded and mixed by founder/drummer Mike Sabatini at the Bandmother Recording place in Jersey City, NJ. Ski informed me that seven more songs need to be written to get the full new Attacker album ready for release, as previously mentioned in early 2022. Basing yourself on one single track may be premature to say that the forthcoming new album will be a hit but I’ll give Attacker the benefit of the doubt. Their past plays a big part in my consideration, I believe a killer album is in the making, an effort to look forward to…. I have full confidence in it ! By the grace of US Power Metal, Attacker still reign supreme ! Listen to ‘Spiritual Warfare’ at:

Attacker line-up: *Mike Benetatos (Guitar)  *Jon Hasselbrink (Guitar)  *Brian Smith (Bass Guitar)  *Mike Sabatini (Drums)   *Ski-Lead (Vocals)

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