ATTICK DEMONS – DAYTIME STORIES, NIGHTMARE TALES (Rock Of Angels Records / Gordeon Music Promotion)

Review by Stefan: This Portuguese band started in 1996 but it remained rather quiet during the first years of their existence. It wasn’t until 2001 that their debut album “Atlantis” (featuring Paul Di’Anno and Ross The Boss as guest musicians) was released, “Let’s Raise Hell” (with special guest Chris Caffery) came on the market in 2016, it was a valuable successor to their debut ! Also in the field of live performances Attick Demons did very well, they shared many stages with renowned bands such as W.A.S.P., Overkill, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Paul Di Anno and many others. They were also on the bill of many great festivals like Swordbrothers and Metaldays ! The Metal world had become a fierce competitor, it had become a band that steadily continued on their way to the top.

Now I’m honored to announce the word of their third and brand new album “Daytime Stories, Nightmare Tales” and I can tell you right on that it has become a very well done product. In the queue are nine brand-new songs that will appeal especially to fans of Traditional Heavy Metal / NWOBHM. The image on the cover is an eye-catcher, the production is on a high level, in the end it’s the musicians who have to live up to it to convince the listener. I’ve already subjected the newest product of these Portuguese brothers of Metal to a few listening sessions and yeah, at least they have been able to convince me.

The energy, self-reliance and power of persuasion don’t speak in riddles, this is actually a band that brings all the songs flawlessly, albeit with a large dose of Iron Maiden on board. The vocals leave nothing to chance, on quite a few moments I hear a Bruce Dickinson like singer who delivers a beautiful performance. Let me mention that also the great George Call (Aska, Banshee, Cloven Hoof) appears during the singing parts, a fact with which I can only be very satisfied. If you can make your voice function in the direction of Bruce and George you will increase my esteem !

It doesn’t sound innovative at Attick Demons, but with conviction I would like to mention that this complete new CD sounds very good on all levels. The guitar duels strike mercilessly with detailed solo parts, heavenly beautiful melodies and a flood of refined riffs, once again I enter the world of Traditional Heavy Metal which makes me feel very good. This album could also have a positive influence on fans of the US Metal genre. The die-hard Maiden fans will probably claim that this is a copy of their idols, an opinion I respect but still I think it has a double effect. It may all sound too Iron Maiden-like but that as a band you have to make it happen in such a beautiful way to get close to one of the biggest metal bands ever speaks to my imagination. That proves that the musicians are not amateurs but true professionals.

A few songs I’d like to recommend are: ‘Make Your Choice’, ‘The Revenge Of The Sailor King’ and its well done construction, the great anthem ‘Headbanger’, ‘Renegade’ and opener ‘Contract’. It is true that in every song you hear a whole lot of Iron Maiden alternating with musical thoughts creating by themselves.

To my point and with the eye on a follow up I would like to encourage the band to give the writing of the songs a bit more character of their own. Mainly this is the appropriate material for every NWOBHM follower, with Iron Maiden as a cliffhanger in particular. On originality Attick Demons gets a low score, regarding the performance and quality of the present musicians they get a well-deserved high appreciation. Skill oriented, definitely one of Portugal’s best bands at the moment ! AD online at: / /

My rating: 85/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)