attickdemonscdcoverletsraisehellReview by Officer Nice: Iron Maiden is coming to Antwerp! It would be awesome to see them once again indoor instead of watching them on a festival. But… 70 euro for 1 ticket? Please! This is a disgrace! In the eighties we hardly paid 10 euro’s to see them. Okay, times changed but our wages aren’t seven times as big as they were back then! Metal became business and that’s the biggest disease our scène suffers. I’ve read a message from a friend who said the underground is less expensive and quality is often guaranteed if you’re into true Metal. He was talking about the One Machine gig in Belgium, one I’ve missed. But as a matter of fact he is right. But, if I’m honest, Iron Maiden stays Iron Maiden and perhaps I will try to score a ticket anyway. It remains a nostalgic band!

Well, the reason I am mentioning Maiden is the singer of this Portuguese band. Damn, how close he is to Bruce Dickinson! Arthur Almeida is his name, remember that one! And his high screams are just impressive, superb to hear as a fan of US Metal. Portugal might be an unknown and unimportant country in the Metal scène but with Attick Demons I know immediately who my favourite band is from out there! What a fantastic and overpowering voice! If Bruce Dickinson is ever obliged to stop his career…this is the only possible replacer!  And of course Attick Demons is influenced by the good old Maiden but more than 50 % is influenced by them, the other 50 % by Judas Priest. No? Well, I’m pretty close I guess.

So, Attick Demons delivers Metal with three (!) guitar players. Where did we hear that before? Triple riffs, triple leads and lots of hooks but it all sounds good and the base of this music is good old fashioned Heavy Metal! Add a good and healthy dose of Power and you can name plenty of bands with whom Attick Demons can be compared with. I don’t name them; just take a listen for yourself! This is the kind of band that easily deserves its place at the Keep It True Festival but for becoming a headliner more is needed I guess although musical wise quality is guaranteed. The song writing is good although this isn’t an original album with songs that takes you by the throat. But, you will witness good structured tracks like for example “Dark angel”, one of my favourite ones on this record.

Attick Demons delivers great stuff with first class and often spectacular intense played guitar solos. The rhythms are good and seductive, a strong base of bass and drums and a singer who easily overwhelms you! This is a ‘must hear’ album, not yet a ‘must have’ album, therefore Attick Demons needs to compose more unforgettable songs! Believe me; they’re capable of doing it. The talent is here and this band is fantastic. Fans of pure good old Heavy Metal in vein of Iron Maiden (think “Piece Of Mind” and “Somewhere In Time” era) can buy this one blindfolded. Also fans of US Power Metal will be pleased by this band. The rest…well, take a shot anyway! Check: 

My rating: 89/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)