ATTIKA – WHEN HEROES FALL (Pure Steel Records)

Review by officer Nice: With the Keep It True Festival ahead, there’s only one week to go, I am totally into old school Metal. Actually, I’m always into this kind of True Metal but nowadays I listen a bit more to the old stuff. I have enough CD’s to listen to and my vinyl addiction doesn’t help me out digging any more into the new bands. Old bands are still my thing actually, formations that will last forever because they’ve written gems in a far past…without becoming famous. After so many years we see a lot of reunions and you know, mostly I like them.

Well, in case of Attika we’re not talking about a new album. This re-release is the follow-up record from this band from out of Florida, the original came out on tape. Tapes are again a hype but to be honest I don’t have any plans to collect these too. So yes, I’m glad this one came out on CD. Talking about the band I can’t say the debut album was something exceptional, it was just decent American Metal, nothing more and nothing less. It came out in 1988 but there weren’t that much words written about it in those days. The reason is obvious because it came out in an important year for the entire history of Heavy Metal. It was the time of “South Of Heaven”, “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son”, “…And Justice For All” and for example “No Exit”. Oldies but goodies! In 1991 this ”When Heroes Fall” came out but it also stayed into the underground, making Attika to me some kind of cult band.

Musical wise fans of US Power Metal can buy this one blindfolded, although this band never reached the level from bands like Ritual, Helstar, New Eden, Deadly Blessing, Powersurge, Lethal or let’s say Attacker. But Attika also combines tunes of NWOBHM, Thrash and the older Progressive Metal bands. We’ll witness here dual guitars, a strong base of bass and drums and rather clean vocals, not the soaring kind with high screams. The dark atmosphere in this kind of music always works for me. This kind of albums brings me back to the good old days, days I really miss.

They will never come back, but thanks to re-releases like this we can re-live them for a part. After Ritual this is the second old school US Metal album that Pure Steel Records supports and I can only thank them for it. I really hope it’s a new trend and many more US Metal re-releases will come our way in the near future. There are enough fantastic bands out there that released forgotten gems in those days, too many to mention actually. Check / Order HERE.

My rating: 79/100 (Decent but best previewing)