Review by Stefan: Through social media, I was contacted by an Israel based guitarist/composer/song writer and occasional singer named Avi Rosenfeld to check out his brand of musical expertise and I hardly could not believe what I heard, and read in regards to this guy’s biography. First on, he’s a fan of all that matters classic rock and old fashioned hard rock but when I saw that he released at least 34 albums, I fell into total surprise. Seven of all these efforts belong to the series called “Very Heepy Very Purple” filled up with excellent compositions, mainly inspired by pioneering rock icons Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Back Sabbath (Dio era),… Avi can be considered as an independent artist who does and leaves what he wants without any obligation, he probably likes to do everything on his own and to be honest, if you have the opportunity and passion to accomplish this, you have to go for it without any doubt. Well, out of his arsenal of thirty four albums he was that kind to offer me the last two (on CDR) in regards to the “VHVP” series, part VI and VII. FYI: All Avi’s music is available for free listening/download so meet the man’s compositions at free will !

It’s my pleasure to write down my thoughts on both efforts, as one review ! Each song of the albums has been recorded with another vocalist, most of them I never heard of but be sure that guys like Arpie Gamson, Rilvas Silva, Guilherme De Siervi, Messimo Gerini, Peter Rudolf, David Reed Watson, and many others deliver the very best, really ! It must be a gift from heaven all of the present singers have a throat that suits perfectly the seventies/early style of hard rock (remember Mr. Gillan and Mr. Hensley). Listening to both of the recordings, the feel is real, nothing is overdone or too polished… hell no, you’ll hear own made works which you would think were recorded in the good old years. Even the Hammond organs won’t forget !

Actually a bunch of skilled to the teeth musicians conducted by leader Avi Rosenfeld make it true to throw me from one surprise into another. Yeah, I really like classic hard rock and bands like early Heep, Purple and Rainbow (Dio era) are just a few of my absolute faves ! For some people these songs are nothing but a decoction from the original and in this, they are partially right but you still have to make it happen being able to approach the original sound without much effort and shortcomings. Okay, I hear here and there a few weaker moments throughout the running time of part VI and VII but generally I can say with confidence that the songs have surprised me a lot… all of these could be released back in the good old days, and I mean what I just say !

“Very Heepy Very Purple” series part 6 and 7 comes with an appropriate title and loads of great classic hard rock, pure nostalgia where great vocals, outstanding Blackmore/Iommi-esque guitar tactics, authentic sounding Hammonds and a proper song writing reign supreme. The older the better I’d like to scream out… people of the good ol’ days of hard rock have to check out the magnificent works of Avi Rosenfeld, a musical brain you need to heard about… stop by at: http://avirosenfeld.wixsite.com/avirosenfeldband/home  Via this link you’ll also find out more about the other albums he manufactured, where many subgenres meet each other as one. The rating below gives right to “VHVP” Pt. VI and VI only, I refuse to give a score of something I haven’t heard yet you know ! Additional info at: https://www.facebook.com/AviRosenfeldBand 

My rating: 85/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)