Review by Officer Nice: I have in my collection something very old and obscure from this band. It’s some kind of CD from which I can’t say it is an original or not. To be honest I guess it is an illegal release from out of Greece or something, I bought it on a previous Keep It True edition. Anyway, there were demo’s on it and I remember the quality wasn’t that good, a reason to not to pay too much attention to it. Why? Well, I like a good production when I listen to my music. On the other side it is a fact this band is so old that it is obvious that the old recording sessions sound tragically bad. Axemaster is active since the early Eighties but releases after all those years their second official album. This newbie listens to the name of “Crawling chaos”.

Axemaster is a pure US Metal band, the kind fanatics of the genre will surely appreciate and like. Since a few years there is a new singer in the band, Geoff McGraw and he contains a bit of a row vocal sound. He’s no exceptional talent but he fits the band well. This kind of Metal demands screaming guitars, technical played drums, mid-tempo arrangements with multiple hooks, changing structures in and between the songs and a dark approach overall… All can be found right here although Axemaster doesn’t represents something exclusive or exceptional with this album. They’re good in what they are doing and this is enjoyable American Heavy/Power Metal. With a track like “Mystify the dream hypnotic” these musicians proves they have the right ideas and the talent to perform them, I really like this kind of twisted guitar sessions and the atmosphere they’re bringing. Followed by the nice rhythm of a song like “Aldar Rof” the band shows what US Metal is all about. The title track, “Shallow Grave”, “Knight Of Pain” are a few songs I’d like to mention right here. “Bravado” is probably my favorite song…. On this new album you can find a re-recorded version of their old song “Death before dishonor”.

Although some oldies are at work here you can easily hear these lads are playing with a lot of pleasure. This band is ready to entertain us for a few more years and maybe we can expect  they will appear one day on an European stage, on one or another True Metal festival. Word domination will never be their goal but if this band will keep on sending this kind of CD’s in our direction I am a satisfied man. Again I can say that a stronger production and a bit more aggression wouldn’t hurt the band, this kind of music demands it! This isn’t a top band in its genre, but fans of US Metal can’t leave this one behind. These Metal fans are the most fanatic collectors on this globe and a band like Axemaster deserves a place in their collection. The rest should try this one out if they like old school Metal. Check:

My rating: 79/100 (Decent but best previewing)