AXEVYPERcdcoverITSDReview by Officer Nice: The Keep It true festival is ahead of us. It has been two years ago I went there and I really want to go back. So I’ve ordered my ticket for next year because I had too much work at home  to make it now. I miss the ambiance, the crowd,  the friends,the beers and the chips. I miss the Metal market and the opportunity to see those Eighties bands you can not see anywhere else. This festival breathes so much True Metal…it’s beyond belief. 

The reason I am mentioning this one is because of what is in my CD-player;  Axevyper from Italy. This band has anything to do with True Metal and from the beginning until the end I really enjoyed this one. While driving to the work “The number of the beast” of Maiden was blowing through  my speakers and it  delivered  me a good old trip to memory lane. I had flashbacks to the eighties,  to the times  I was just a kid  with long hairs, black shirts and of course denim and leather! What a marvelous time! Axvyper enforced that feeling and so I had  two good reasons to like this album, I am in the perfect mood for it. 

Axevyper delivers typical Eighties  Heavy Metal with anything this subgenre demands. I hear  great twin guitars, good leads  and hard hitting riffs, a good base of drums and bass guitars and a vocal that fits the music perfectly.  Axevyper plays Metal that plays on the boundaries of NWOBHM, traditional eighties Heavy Metal  and the old US Metal. Bands like Jaguar, Demon, Running Wild, Gravestone, Attacker, Overlorde, Iron Maiden (of course!) etc. will easily cross your mind  while listening to this one. It won’t give Axevyper  any  world domination, endlessly word tours in luxury  hotels with  tens of groupies by their side.  At least, that is what I think….but  they will receive the respect of every fan of true Heavy Metal. The reason is obvious  because you  can  easily hear these guys are big fans themselves  of the genre. 

So, fans of good traditional Heavy Metal can easily pick this one up. You’ll hear plenty of songs that will give you that old fashioned Heavy Metal feeling. You’ll bang that head, you will raise the fists and you will sing along after a few spins. Just for the fun, in the name of good old Heavy Metal! Check 

My rating: 83/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)