AZTEK – DREAM DEALER (Target/Mighty Music Records)


aztelcdcoverdreamdealerReview by Sloof: Another rock band from Denmark and most of them get a deal signed with Target/Mighty Music Records. Same goes with Aztek who are undeniably rooted in classic rock but the mentioned names (Opeth, Led Zeppelin) aren’t accurate for the whole “Dream Dealer” album. Aztek plays a kind of radio friendly rock with lyrical content like love and affliction.

Their debut album is released November 18th. 2016 and they might get some attention from Danish rock fans, but I guess that the weight of the album isn’t heavy enough to draw the attention of metalheads outside Denmark. There are a few songs with a nice guitar riff, but ‘From You’ and ‘Love Me’ can’t complete the job.

I can only conclude that Aztek is too much rock and too less metal to get more attention on Metal To Infinity webzine. Let’s end with this final message: fans of Nick Cave should listen to this band’s first single release (title is ‘Nick Cave’ as well) as the darker influence and arrangement in total, points directly to this musician.

My rating: 67/100 (Rather moderate)